2022 Easter Jeep Safari showcases 4xe concepts, Grand Cherokee

Jeep returns to Moab this year with a host of new and returning concepts and buildings for the Easter Jeep Safari. The Wrangler takes center stage this year as the basis for three of five new concept cars that will bring the iconic 4×4 brand to its traditional grounds. The fourth is the Gladiator-based monster and the fifth is reserved for the latest addition (for now) to the Jeep family – the Grand Cherokee 4xe. Let’s delve into it.

Magneto 2.0

Jeep brought the all-electric Magneto concept to the Easter Jeep Safari last year, so the idea of ​​the battery-powered Wrangler concept isn’t new. However, it has been upgraded (literally “improved”) for 2022. Its instant torque output is 850 lb-ft (more than three times that of the Magneto 1.0) in Wheels, and the total power output is now 625 horsepower. And it all goes through an old-fashioned manual transmission.

To deal with this torque, Jeep had to borrow a manual gearbox from a Hellcat and then boost it Beyond that. Plus, the massive 40-inch wheels required a more aggressive hub ratio (yes, even with 850 pound-feet on tap). The Magneto 2.0 features a Dynatrac 60 Pro-Rock axle up front and a positively massive Dynatrac 80 axle at the 5.38-inch rear axle and lockers for both axles, which also require custom drive shafts.

Grand Cherokee Trailhawk 4xe Concept

We recently had the chance to get a new Jeep hybrid Grand Cherokee 4xe, and while you’ll have to wait until later in the month for our impressions, we can safely say we’re encouraged to see Jeep embrace the PHEV powertrain side-by-side. With the concept of electric battery. This example features mostly purely aesthetic improvements, although the 33-inch BFG mud terrain provides some additional situational ability.

’41 concept

Jeep ’41 also leans toward the company’s electrification strategy. The 4xe-based Wrangler is finished in what Jeep calls “a matte DRAB ’41 olive green” with powder-coated bumpers and accessories. These may look like steel, but they are actually 17-inch alloys for aftermarket by Fifteen52. It’s wrapped in 35-inch muddy terrain with a 2-inch lift kit installed for extra rubber wipe.

Note that this kit is not yet available in the real world. The 35-inch Jeep package, dubbed the Xtreme Recon, is only available on 3.6L and 392 Rubicon models at the moment. As for later? You have to watch this space, says Jim Morrison, Jeep Brand Head.

Rubicon 20th Anniversary Concept

This is straightforward. It was built with the distinctive red interior found on earlier Rubicon memorial models; You will likely recognize the exterior of Granite Crystal as well. To contrast the red, Jeep chose gold tow hooks and badge accents along with a distinctive hood decal. A 2-inch JPP lift kit, 17-inch bead-ready Mopar wheels and 37-inch mud terrain complete the package.


Well, technically, this is the concept of “jeep bob”, but we’ll stick with “bob”. The concept got its name from the practice of shortening truck arms to get better off-road departure angles, colloquially referred to as “swaying” and usually seen in pickups and other off-road vehicles that have a lot of hanging objects behind their wheels. This is exactly what happened here. Look, Bob started his life as a wrestler with a 3.0 liter diesel engine before the Jeep Fun Squad got to work on it.

Bob got a 3-inch lift with custom suspension components, Dynatrac Pro-Rock 60 hubs powered by a combination of King Coils and Bypass shocks, and 40-inch tires mounted on 20-inch wheels. Next, Jeep engineers hacked into everything that was getting in the way, including a good portion of the bed and the Gladiator’s large fenders. The result is a bob. Hi Bob.

What’s Next

We’ll get a chance to drive prototype Jeeps in Moab later in April, so be sure to check back for driving impressions and additional photography later in the month!

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