2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 Challenges Classification

GMC prefers to call it the new 2022 Hummer EV pickup “supertruck,” a sign that might be accurate given that the first Edition 1 model we’ve just driven can accelerate as far off the line as the Corvette, has the humble Jeep Wrangler off-road trim, and looks like Mockup of a lunar vehicle from the Marvel movie. But until we see one actually fly through the air, we’re not quite ready to adopt the term. For now, we’ll call it awesome.

You don’t have to look hard to find something interesting in a Hummer EV. The loaded Version 1 has three electric motors (one on the front axle, two on the rear) that combine with a 212.7 kWh Ultium battery to produce 1,000 hp and 1,200 lb-ft of torque. The truck weighs about 9,000 pounds, and its highly efficient four-wheel steering allows it to move around parking lots like the Honda Civic. It can go 329 miles on a charge, according to EPA methodology. While the last prototype engine allowed us to bring out its technical details in a closed environment, driving an unattended production model in Arizona reaffirmed our initial conclusion of “wow.”

The Hummer EV’s main feature is the Watts to Freedom (WTF) firing mode, the reference of which will make our eyes forever roll. But we assume it’s suitable for a vehicle that should hit 60 mph in about three seconds and have an American flag tattooed on its C-pillar. Press the stability control switch twice to activate WTF mode and wait a few seconds for the truck to lower its air springs, strengthening the dampers adaptive, preparing their systems for the incoming flood of electrons. Crush both pedals to the floor, let the brakes go, and hold while your Hummer slams you into the seat, chirping its front tires in the process. Surprisingly, and unlike launch control systems on other vehicles, GMC says you can drive in WTF mode without deactivating it, making stop-to-stop launch a breeze. The ride quality suffers from the downturned stance, though, and the truck looks a little ridiculous with the 35-inch Goodyear all-terrain tires tucked into the fender wells.

The Hummer EV’s two block Kia Tellurides and the circumference of a one-ton truck amplify the oddities of its sport, yet it adapts well and can probably squeeze into most garages. Once we got acclimated to looking at the dashboard very off-road and through the vented windows, it surprised us with its versatility compared to other big pickup trucks, like the long-range Ram 1500 TRX, which is 1.3 inches wider and 16.1 inches longer. . Rear wheels that can rotate up to 10 degrees plus a set of 18 external cams aid maneuverability and help prevent you from inadvertently turning back on your Mazda Miatas. Crank the steering wheel all the way and this behemoth can turn tightly 37.1 feet. Activating the Hummer’s other end trick, the Crabwalk mode, turns the rear wheels in stages with the fronts, allowing the truck to drive up to 15 mph—a feature that’s useless in the real world, except for turning heads when pulled up onto the pavement.

The Hummer EV welcomes the open road with excellent driving comfort, positive if somewhat dope steering, and powerful brakes. Aggressive entries quickly remind you of the sheer amount of mass you carry. But the truck responds obediently to casual commands, and the lowered battery—which weighs 2,923 pounds like a small hatchback—keeps the center of gravity low, enhancing the stability and stability of the Hummer. Hit the gas pedal and she can cut through gaps in traffic with amazing speed. A range of audio profiles played through stereo speakers bring some welcome audio flavor to the driving experience. While the WTF soundtrack is reminiscent of sucking a spaceship through a wormhole, the other drive mode profiles (Normal, Off-Road, Terrain, Tow/Tow, and My Customizable Mode) are quieter and largely act as low frequency background noise. Help hide roars from tires.

We also appreciate Hummer’s multiple regenerative braking settings, including an on-demand paddle on the steering wheel that can stop the vehicle, as well as two intensity levels for one-pedal operation. GM’s latest version of the hands-free Super Cruise driving assistant makes driving on some divided highways effortless. Already an industry standard for its lane-centering ability and general efficiency, this latest version adds an automatic lane-changing function that can be activated by tapping the stem of a turn signal or allowing the truck to set when to bypass slower traffic. king. Although it was (wisely) a bit careful in determining when there was enough room to pass, the Hummer smoothly made several trips into the left lane without a problem, returning to its previous lane when there was enough room.

It wasn’t until we got off the pier that the Hummer became a character, despite navigating so skillfully two narrow rocky paths that a vehicle of this size and power seemed to have no business. This helped the adjustable air springs allow for 15.9 inches of ground clearance and that the fully independent suspension could swivel within 13 inches of front and rear. There’s also strong traction provided by an electronically locking front differential and a rear axle with both virtual locking and torque vectoring capability. Despite its enduring size, this big GMC car has far more power than is required for most tracks, however, carefully measuring its massive grunt is an easy task.

While drivers of F-150 Raptors and TRXs won’t be on the podium in high-speed off-road conditions, Hummer has softened the tougher impacts enough to make us believe it could survive the landing of a low-profile ride. Even more impressive is its ability to seemingly pivot around obstacles in terrain mode, which uses four-wheel steering for maximum impact and could be thought of as a low-profile all-wheel drive in a conventional pickup. Skid plates and rock slides protect the underside of the Hummer, and front and rear tow hooks that look just right for a piece of earthmoving equipment would be welcome if you buried the truck in soft ground. Buyers who want more ground clearance from the larger aftermarket tires are in luck, as GMC says it has designed both the pickup and its upcoming SUV version to accommodate 37 inches of rubber. While such an upgrade would certainly cut its range, GMC engineers put in the effort to make us wonder if a tougher Hummer might be lurking on the horizon.

Our disappointments centered on the Edition 1’s interior, which isn’t quite as capacious as traditional crew-cab pickups, especially in the rear, and isn’t as neatly finished as we’d expect with its $110,395 base price. It’s easy to spot some cheap hard plastic slipping into the massive center console, and the textured vinyl on the dashboard and armrests, while attractive, is rough enough to rub off your elbows. The ease with which you can remove the four transparent roof panels and stow them in the large luggage compartment is great, but when they’re in place, the numerous seams they create produce an annoying whistle at highway speeds we don’t want to endure for long periods. We will introduce GMC’s infotainment display to the 12.3-inch instrument cluster display and 13.4-inch center touchscreen, which uses Epic Games’ Unreal Engine modeling software to clearly and intuitively present Hummer’s many settings and animations for drive modes and performance readouts. We only wish the system had more processing power, as we spent so much time looking at loading screens as we jumped between major functions.

While we didn’t need to charge the Hummer during our day in the desert, its battery system is designed to automatically adjust the input between 400 and 800 volts, depending on the DC fast charging source, and the Hummer can draw power upstairs at 300 kW. Starting with almost a full charge, we had over 100 miles of range left after a few hours of commuting to and from the trail plus an afternoon of off-road driving. We’re still not really close to how to classify the Hummer EV, as it comes as an engineering triumph and a caricature of the electric car’s future. But it does give the first impression.

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2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1
Vehicle Type: Front & Rear Engine, 4WD, 5 Passenger, 4 Door

Base: $110,395

Front motor: AC permanent magnet synchronous
Rear motors: AC permanent magnet synchronous
Combined power: 1000 HP
Combined torque: 1200 lb-ft
Battery pack: liquid-cooled lithium-ion, 212.7 kWh
Internal charger: 11.5 kW
Transmission, F/R: direct drives

Wheelbase: 135.6 inches
Length: 216.8 inches
Width: 86.7 inches
Height: 79.1 inches
Passenger size: 128 feet3
Payload size: 11 feet3
curb weight (grandfather East): 9,050 lbs.

performance (grandfather he is)
60 mph: 3.0 seconds
100 mph: 8.8 seconds
1/4 mile: 11.7 seconds
Top speed: 106 mph

Fuel economy by the Environmental Protection Agency
Complex/city/highway: 47/51/43 mpg
Range: 329 miles

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