2023 Kia Telluride adds X-Line and X-Pro trim, plus more technology

  • The Kia Telluride 2023 debuted at the New York Auto Show this morning.
  • The new mid-size SUV benefits from visual improvements and added driver assistance technology, as well as Hill Descent Control standard on all models.
  • Like the 2023 Sportage, the Telluride also gets new X-Line and X-Pro models with a more aggressive off-road look.

    Kia has updated the hugely popular – and 10 best – Telluride for 2023 with a slightly revised exterior design, improved driver assistance features, revised technology and two new levels of aggressive looks.

    The headlights replace the orange rectangular lighting element with dual spotlights and vertical bars, the lower fascia has been reworked, and the front edge of the hood has lost the TELLURIDE lettering. The rear profile and underside of the body have also been modified. Pioneering the redesigned 2023 Sportage, Telluride adds a rugged-looking X-Pro trim and also a less massive X-Line.

    Michael Cimaricar and driver

    Both new models are AWD-exclusive. Special elements on the X-Line are a 0.4-inch higher ride height, new towing position, larger roof rails, a redesigned grille and 20-inch wheels specifically for the livery. The X-Pro adds a 110-volt port in the cargo area, swaps out the 20-inch wheel for 18-inch all-terrain tires, and has an increased towing of 5,500 pounds (up from 5,000). Note, however, that the Telluride’s single-engine offering hasn’t changed: the 3.8-liter V-6 makes 291 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. Hill Descent Control is a new standard addition to all front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive Telluride models.

    Michael Cimaricar and driver

    The standard semi-autonomous adaptive cruise control (HDA) can now be upgraded to the HDA 2, which adds lane-changing functions. The standard speed limit recognition system can automatically adjust the set speed of the cruise control when the speed limit changes. Forward Collision-Avoidance now also monitors oncoming traffic when turning left. In addition, it can apply the brakes to avoid cross traffic in an intersection or brake and steer when it detects an oncoming vehicle during two-lane traffic. It is also better able to monitor pedestrians and cyclists.

    Technically also, there is a new functionality for the digital key, which requires iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Android or Apple Watch.

    Michael Cimaricar and driver

    Inside, the biggest change has been the arrival of the digital instrument cluster, which merges with the larger infotainment screen (now 12.3 inches). The top display is also larger and can show more information. Fortunately, Kia kept much of the center stack, which still has physical buttons to operate much of the climate control system and quickly access key touchscreen functions. Knobs for volume, adjustment and temperature are also preserved, as well as the true gearshift.

    Pricing for the 2023 Telluride has yet to be released, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see the numbers creep up a bit. The 2022 model ranges from $34,385 to $44,285. Telluride 2023 will go on sale this fall.

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