6 apps every senior citizen should have on their iPhone

iPhones have always been age-friendly. Aside from its straightforward and easy-to-navigate user interface, it also comes with built-in accessibility tools like Display Zoom, Speak Selection, Medical ID, and Emergency SOS. All these features combined make iOS devices attractive to seniors.

However, these tools do not address all access needs. Fortunately, you can tweak the way your iPhone works using third-party software. Whether you need reliable medication reminder apps or fun memory games, you’ll find plenty of options in the App Store.

Let’s look at some iOS apps that will make your iPhone more seniors friendly!

1. Medisafe Medication Management: Best Medication Organizer

Although your iPhone can store medical records and track physical activity data in the built-in Health app, it doesn’t send medication reminders. It just works as a healthy app. If you’re currently taking prescription medications and need help sticking to your schedule, get Medisafe’s Medication Management instead.

Medisafe has developed Medisafe Medication Management as a comprehensive medication and tablet reminder platform that helps you take your prescribed medications on time, record medical appointments, and track relevant vital signs. Medisafe features an extensive drug library. Shows accurate real-life data when users add prescribed pills, tablets and capsules.

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Medifriend allows you to designate a “buddy” who will receive notifications if you fail to follow your scheduled medication routine even once.

Simply download the app and create a free account to get started. You can use the platform as an anonymous guest, but you won’t be able to access Medifriend, plus you can’t pull your medical records from other devices.

Download: Medisafe Medication Management (Free, subscription available)

2. AARP Now: The Best Highly Focused News App

All AARP beneficiaries are required to have the AARP Now application. The app mainly acts as a source of news and updates. However, members can use the app as an integrated platform of workshops, job opportunities, events and retail discounts geared towards seniors.

Download the app and enter your membership login details to get started. You can still use the app as a non-member, although expect your account to have limited features and functionality.

At My AARP, you can sign up for AARP membership or renew your existing plan. Requests usually only take minutes if your account is linked to Apple Wallet. AARP issues app-exclusive deals every now and then. These will still appear on their website, of course, but app users often have first access to them.

Download: AARP Now (Free)

3. Magnifying glass + flashlight: the best digital magnifying glass

If you find yourself staring every time you have to read something, consider downloading Magnifying Glass + Flashlight by RV AppStudios LLC. As its name suggests, it magnifies the small text while your iPhone’s LED lights up.

There are dozens of magnifier apps on the market. However, we have singled out this particular app for its straightforward and streamlined interface. You can access everything from its home page. Swiping vertically across the screen lets you zoom in and out, and swiping left and right adjusts the brightness of the light.

The app can zoom in up to 5.0x, so you won’t have a problem reading even the smallest text printed on posters and paperwork. You can also use this app even in dimly lit areas as it automatically turns on your iPhone’s flashlight when turned on.

Download: magnifying glass + flashlight (free in-app purchases available)

4. GoodRx: Best Prescription Discount Coupons

Save up to 80% on your prescriptions with GoodRx. It is a discount app that compares prescription drug prices in local pharmacies and gives you app-exclusive discounts.

Type in the name of the medication you need, select your location, and then wait for the app to pull up the results. Once you have found the medication prescribed for you, choose your preferred pharmacy and download the corresponding coupon. Finally, show the pharmacist the digital coupon, and they’ll take care of the rest.

It accommodates over 70,000+ GoodRx Pharmacies, making it the most widely accepted prescription discount system. There are many cases where patients save more by using GoodRx discount coupons than by filing insurance claims.

GoodRx also features a comprehensive guide to branded and generic drugs, so you’ll find everything you need, from antibiotics to pain relievers.

Download: GoodRx (Free)

5. Insight Timer: Best Meditation App

A common misconception among older adults is that it is too late to learn to meditate. Sure, you can join wellness classes, but week-long sessions can quickly incur hundreds of tuition fees.

If you want to start meditating for free, download Insight Timer. It’s a mindfulness and spirituality app featuring over 130,000 free guided meditation sessions, ranging from hour-long yoga instructions to five-minute healing melodies.

Insight Timer features one of the largest free meditation libraries. Even if you don’t pay for the annual membership, you can still access hundreds of thousands of meditation guides of various kinds. Yes, there are thousands of free meditation guides on YouTube as well, but there are not many proper yoga techniques. On the other hand, Insight Timer features only the best guides.

You can connect with other top yogis on the platform by setting your profile to “public”. If you want to remain discreet, choose the private setting.

Download: Insight Timer (Free, subscription available)

6. LastPass: Best Password Manager

A survey by Techjury shows that cyber attacks happen every 39 seconds, so it’s no exaggeration to say that online security is more important now than ever. For this reason, get rid of the habit of typing in your account passwords.

Alternatively, download one of the most reliable password managers for iPhone users, LastPass. It’s a password manager that keeps all your online passwords safe in a private vault, which requires only one master password.

Storing your passwords in the LastPass vault is much safer than setting up your web browser to remember them. Your loved ones can use the emergency access feature if they need to use your online accounts. LastPass automatically enters your saved username and password combinations, so you don’t need to type them in anymore.

Download: LastPass (Free, subscription available)

Explore accessibility apps for seniors on the App Store

This list includes some of the most reliable and used accessibility apps for seniors. Feel free to explore other options on the App Store. In general, look for apps that match your specific health needs, technology preferences, and medical conditions, among other accessibility considerations.

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