6 Best Alternatives to Google Docs for Android

Google Docs is the default document editor for most Android phones. It is constantly updated with stylish features but strikes a delicate balance between ease of use and functionality. Whether it’s pre-installed or accessible in a few clicks through Drive, it’s often the quickest way to access documents on a new phone, or any phone for that matter.

But it’s not perfect. If you are looking for an open source alternative or simply want a more powerful document editor, there are plenty of alternatives. We’ve rounded up six of the best document editors available on Android, from well-known brands like Microsoft Word to relatively unknown apps like Zoho Writer. Many of these apps are office suites, so you’ll find support for slide shows, PDFs, and spreadsheets as part of the app. Let’s dive in.


Microsoft word

If you are looking for a reliable document editor with more advanced features than a document editor, then Microsoft Word is your best choice. The strong selection of features means that there is no need to use a series of add-ons for the best experience. It is also easy to use. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, you won’t spend much time clicking through menus to find the tools you need.

Although its collaborative features aren’t as streamlined as Google Docs, it’s the best option if you’re looking to edit complex documents on the go. If you already use OneDrive, it will also save you a significant amount of time when backing up documents.

Text editing app

Polaris Office is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an editor with powerful features like Word, but aren’t interested in using related products like OneDrive.

It is also available for desktop, and its mobile app comes with the full functionality of the desktop version. Therefore, you will not sacrifice any features when switching between devices. Unfortunately, this results in a relatively crowded user interface on the mobile app.

Polaris Office comes with its own cloud storage option and can link to Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, and more. If you want to spend some time dealing with lists, you will find it a flexible alternative to Google Docs.

drop box paper

Dropbox Paper is the most streamlined option available for editing documents. Designed with users in mind, it is the easiest app to use here. It’s built with collaboration as a priority, so it’s best to look elsewhere if you don’t share documents with others. However, its collaboration tools are definitely worth the lack of word processing features.

Dropbox Paper is also a good option if you don’t need a lot of advanced features. But only one font choice and the lack of a spelling checker can be frustrating. While these are significant limitations, its smooth interface makes it better than Google Docs for quick note-taking or simple collaborative work.

Zoho writer

Zoho Writer is built with a similar design philosophy to Google Docs. The clean, paper-like look will be instantly familiar to those transitioning out of documents.

Zoho adds powerful formatting options that go far beyond what Google Docs can do. Although the user interface is not as straightforward as Documents, it features intuitive conversation-style feedback that makes collaboration easy. It’s a great alternative if you want more features for your documents, but don’t want to mess with add-ons.


ONLYOFFICE Documents is a streamlined document editor that doesn’t skimp on features. While many open source document editors can be heavy and difficult to manage, their carefully organized interface makes them stand out from the crowd.

It takes some time to explore the wide range of editing features of ONLYOFFICE Documents, but it is well worth the effort. Another great feature is that cloud storage is private, so you have complete control over your stored data. A great option if you value privacy above all else.

office cooperation

Names like OpenOffice and LibreOffice are familiar names in the open source world. A lot of open source document editors are built out of one of these office suits, and Collabora Office is one of the best. If you’re familiar with LibreOffice for the desktop, you’ll have no trouble getting used to Collabora.

Collabora Office is a little rough visually, but it’s a small price to pay. It’s in active development and has a public debugger, so it’s easy to see what’s going on behind the scenes. If you’re on an Android tablet, Collabora Office has also found its way into our roundup of the best tablet apps for Android.

Even if you’re comfortable with Google Docs, we recommend giving a little of this a try. Who knows, maybe the Google ecosystem isn’t the best for you? If not, you will definitely find your niche here.


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