7 Ways to Fix iCloud Photos Not Syncing on Your iPhone

iCloud Photos is a great iPhone feature that saves every photo and video you take to the cloud, allowing you to access your library from any device at any time. Any changes you make to your group on one device are replicated across all of your other devices.

But, sometimes, things go wrong along the way and Apple devices stop syncing your photos. If for some reason your iCloud photos are not syncing properly, you may lose some precious photos and beautiful memories. So, to avoid that pain, let’s take a look at a few steps to take if your photos aren’t syncing with iCloud.

1. Check your settings

First, check that iCloud Photos is properly configured on the device that is not syncing with iCloud. To do this, open a file Settings Application, click Your Name at the top of the screen, then go to iCloud > Photos And check it out iCloud Photos running.

2. Check your internet connection

Since iCloud is a web-based service, you may encounter syncing issues if your internet connection is not healthy. To make sure your connection is fine, check to see if other apps can connect to the Internet or try to run a new web address in your browser.

If the page loads, your connection is fine, and you should try one of the other fixes below. If it doesn’t, try resetting the router or troubleshooting cellular data to see if that solves the problem. Otherwise, you can try to reset your iPhone network settings.

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3. Check your iCloud storage

Another common reason for photos not uploading to iCloud is lack of storage space. Every Apple user gets 5GB of free iCloud storage, but that’s not enough — especially if you take a lot of photos.

To make sure you don’t run out of storage space, you should check your current usage. open the Settings Application, press Your Namethen select iCloud. You’ll see a breakdown of your current storage at the top of the page.

If you have reached the limit of your free iCloud storage, you need to either free up some iCloud storage or upgrade to one of Apple’s paid storage plans. Here’s a guide to help you decide if upgrading your iCloud storage plan is worth it.

4. Check your device storage

Depending on the quality of the photos you choose to upload to iCloud, you can quickly maximize your iPhone storage, which will also hinder photos from syncing with iCloud.

By default, all photos and videos are saved in their original high-resolution format on your device and in iCloud Photos. But, you can use the storage optimization feature to free up storage space on your device.

Optimize Storage lets iCloud Photos manage the size of the library on your device. When this option is turned on, your original high-quality photos and videos are stored in iCloud, while the compressed versions remain on your device. You can download full-res versions of iCloud over Wi-Fi or cell phone at any time.

To enable this option, head to Settingsthen press Your Name. success iCloud > Photos > Optimize iPhone Storage.

5. Restart your iPhone

If the above fixes fail to fix your problem, try restarting your iPhone. This will fix any software glitches that might be hindering your photos from syncing to iCloud. Here’s how to restart any iPhone if you need some guidance.

6. Update your iPhone

An outdated version of iOS may be the reason behind many performance issues, including your iPhone photos not syncing to iCloud. Check your phone for and install software updates to fix any errors that might be causing the problem. go to Settings > General > Software Update To start.

7. Connect your iPhone to charge

iCloud syncs photos when your device is plugged in and connected to a Wi-Fi network. So if you are having sync issues, find the nearest port and connect your iPhone. Then make sure your iPhone can connect to Wi-Fi while you leave it alone for charging and syncing.

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iCloud Photos is a good feature for syncing media across your Apple devices. If you take advantage of that, make sure everything is set up and running smoothly so that it serves its purpose. If you encounter any hurdles that the above fixes haven’t resolved, you may want to take your iPhone to the Genius Bar for further assistance.

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