9 clever ways to recycle your old Android phone

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You can still use your old phone.

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So you have said goodbye to your Android device. You may replace it with Google Pixel 6by choosing from Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup or even Jump ship and get an iPhone. But what should you do with your beloved old phone? You can store it in a drawer or try it sell it. However, you do have some other interesting options that are worth considering.

If your phone is too old to get a high turnover, or you are looking to save some money on a webcam or Google HomeOr, if you want to make tweaks, there are some very innovative ways to repurpose your old device and turn it into something you actually want to use.

After all, smartphones are small, powerful computers with storage and a camera. Makes your phone a useful alternative to many other electronic devices – you can even Turn it into a home security camera Or diagnose the mechanical problems of your vehicle. Read about the tricks that will give your old Android new life.

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Turn your old Android device into a webcam.

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Turn your old Android device into a webcam

Now is a great time to Turn your old phone into a webcam. You can use a number of free apps – including Zoom or Skype – to improve the quality of your video chats while agricultural quarantine. Getting started is easy, we give it to you All the tips you need to prepare top-notch. Remember that even the main camera of an older phone can be better than The webcam built into the laptop – Or no webcam at all.

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Hyperkin - Smart Boy - Android Game

Hyperkin SmartBoy mobile device.


Turn your old Android device into a Nintendo Game Boy

You can play video games wherever you go whenever you want Turn your Android device into a Nintendo Game Boy. All you need to get started is a compatible Android phone and a $50 Hyperkin Smartboy Mobile.

In order to play the games, you will need to purchase Game Boy cartridges (unless you still have them). But you can also run Game Boy Advance apps if you don’t have old cartridges.

Store your photos on the old phone

Photos take up a lot of storage space on your device, so save them on your old phone. You can use your new device to take pictures Then send it to your older phone to free up some space.

You can also use your old phone as a camera and take it to places you wouldn’t normally want to take your new phone. For example, if you go to the lake or beach, you can take pictures without worrying about dropping your phone in the water.

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Use your Android device as a universal remote control

It’s great to have a remote that can do it all – think Click, the Adam Sandler movie. Well, maybe not that extreme. But being able to control all your devices from a remote control is a convenience. Download a remote control app, such as iRule, then sync your phone with devices including Xbox Oneand Roku and Camel.

if you own smart bulbsYou can sync your phone with those too. Follow these tips on How to turn your device into a universal remote control So you’ll never have to wonder where your TV remote control is hiding again.

Find your lost phone google home

Turn your Android device into a Google Home.

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Turn your Android phone into a Google Home

Change the purpose of your Android phone to be a file Google Home Smart speaker is simple and does not require any app downloads. Make sure your phone is updated to the latest Android version so that you have “OK, Google”. Next, you will need to find a Bluetooth speaker to pair your phone with. Ensure that both devices are still plugged in and powered on at all times. You will be ready to donate Google commands Immediately. The best part is that you won’t have to spend $129 on Google Home. Learn more about What you can do with Google Home here.

Your Android device can double as a home security camera

Feel safe by turning your old phone into a file home security camera. Download a security camera app, like Alfred (also works with iPhone), to get started. Check your home while you are at work to make sure everything is in order. Put the phone in the main room of the house where you have the best view.

When you’re at home, set it up outside (hidden, of course) to see who’s knocking on your door or for any suspicious activity. You will probably find that it was just a raccoon that was leaving candy wrappers in your garden and not your neighbor’s son.


Turn your phone into a baby monitor.

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Use your old phone as a baby monitor

Instead of walking into your baby’s room every time you think you hear strange crying or noises, check to see if your baby is okay. Turn your old phone into a baby monitor.

You can set up your old phone in the room and access it from your current phone by installing Skype on both devices. You can also use a baby monitor app like Dormi. We haven’t tested it on real kids, but the customer reviews are excellent. You’ll feel better when you know you can be in any room and still see your baby.

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8 ways to reuse your old phone


Turn your Android device into a wireless mouse

It can be annoying when a wireless mouse dies on you without warning. Having a backup helps, and you can turn your phone into a mouse in no time. You will need to download an app, such as Remote Mouse, to do this.

Once you have the app, connect your phone and desktop to the same Wi-Fi network and say goodbye to your old school mouse. Keep it in your laptop bag on the go and stop by the coffee shop to get some work done.

Keep your old phone as a music player

Free up storage space on your new phone by using your old phone as a media player. Since you have a new phone, you can erase all data from your old phone (except for the Music and Music apps).

You’ll be able to add as many songs as your old phone allows without worrying about how much storage you’re using. Plug it into your surround speaker if you’re having a party and let the fun begin.

The great thing is that you will be able to leave it in one place and not have to worry about incoming calls and messages interrupting your ringtones.

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