Aaron Judge disappointed after failing to extend with the New York Yankees before opening day deadline

NEW YORK – New York Yankees right-back Aaron Judge told reporters Friday he expressed his frustration at not completing a long-term contract extension with the club he wants to spend the rest of his major league career with.

“I was disappointed because I was outspoken about my desire to be a Yankee for life,” Judge said after the Yankees’ 6-5 win over the Boston Red Sox on opening day. “I want to bring a championship back to New York. I want to do it for the fans here. This is home to me. And I’m not getting it done right now. It stinks, but I have work to do on the field. I have to turn my focus to that now and play some ball.”

The judge self-imposed an opening day deadline to come up with extension terms that would have prevented him from accessing free agency. But he hasn’t reached an agreement with the Yankees, with general manager Brian Cashman telling reporters earlier on Friday that the team had offered a seven-year extension worth $213.5 million, which he would have brought, along with the $17 million it made in arbitration this season, The entire package is just over $230 million.

When asked if he’d like to address the fact that the Yankees made the rare step of publicly revealing their cash offer, the judge declined to go into specifics and called it the business side of baseball.

“I don’t like talking about numbers,” Judge said. “I like to keep this private. Something that I felt was special between my team and the Yankees.” “I am a football player. [Cashman] He has a job to do, and I can’t control that… It didn’t surprise me; There is nothing to worry about. It is work. It’s an aspect of the sport I love to play. In business, anything can happen, so you have to deal with it.”

The judge reiterated that he and his agent, Paige Odell, would only continue negotiations after the end of the season, believing that continuing to engage in talks with the Yankees would be a distraction.

Addressing whether he expects to reach a deal with the Yankees on his 2022 salary or go to arbitration — with Judge Camp offering $21 million and the Yankees responding with $17 million — Judge said he and his team are ready anywhere. The process takes them.

“We are ready for both,” the judge said. “If we can compromise — nobody likes going into that courtroom. I don’t really think it’s good for both sides because they say some things I don’t want to hear, and we say some things they don’t want to hear I don’t want to hear.” I think if we could avoid that at all costs, that would be great. But me and our team, we are ready for any direction. “

As for whether he considered passing the extension a gamble, given that he had sustained injuries for three of the past four seasons, the judge said he was prepared to take the risks.

Judge, one of the most famous players in the entire game of baseball, is believed to be seeking a deal that would place him among the game’s top players, along with Bryce Harper (13, $330 million), Mookie Betts (12), $365 million. ) and Mike Trout (12 years old, $426.5 million).

“Every day is a gamble,” he said. “Very few people get this opportunity to talk about extension. So having this opportunity is something special, and I appreciate the Yankees’ desire to do so. But I wouldn’t mind going to a free agency. I wouldn’t really look at all the negatives. I’ll focus Only on what I need to do on the field and everything else will take care of itself.”

The judge added, “At the end of the year, I’m a free agent — I’m going to talk to 30 teams, and the Yankees will be one of those 30. It’s always good to try to finish something sooner, the better. But we weren’t able to get it done and it became baseball.” .