All Dragon Heart locations and what they do

Dragons have always been present in Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin’s productions. Huge Elden Ring creatures drop dragon hearts, so here you can find and use them all!

As you progress through the Elden Ring, Tarnished will face many truly fierce enemies. Among the most impressive are the dragons that roam the lands in between.

These monsters come in many different types, each with their own unique abilities and behaviors. But once you kill them, you get something unexpected: their hearts.

Dragon Hearts are key to certain character builds in the Elden Ring, and they are limited, which means you can’t cultivate them like you would with Runes.

Here you can find dragons that you will need to extract hearts from.

And if you are now curious about rune breeding, here Failed strategy to warn of your invasion next time!

Elden Ring Dragon Boss Fight


All Elden dragons that drop hearts

The dragons in this list will be categorized by their location in the game, starting with the areas most players are likely to visit first.


  • Flying Dragon Agheel (Fire, x1 Heart) – Unless you’ve gone off track in a major way, this monster should be the first dragon you come across. Landing in the middle of Lake Limgrave, Bloody Finger Hunter Yura will also warn you.

lornia lakes

  • Glitstone Dragon Emerald (Magic, x1 Heart) – Northwest of the Church of the Roses where you continue the White Mask Varre mission, you’ll find Smarag sleeping beside a rocky outcrop.
  • Magma Warm Makar (Fire, x1 Heart) – Ride along the North River from Liurnia and climb through Ruin Stewn Precipice. The head of this area, which is also one of two paths to the Altus Plateau, the Dragon’s Heart drops.

Important areas of Lyornia

The following dragons can only be accessed by continuing Ranni the Witch mission, giving you access to the highlands of Liurnia. Check out our guide to completing the mission, which also gives you a legendary sword!

Rani the Witch Elden Ring


  • Glintstone Dragon Adula (Magic, x3 Hearts) – Adula is initially found in the Three Sisters, but once her health is reduced, she’ll instantly teleport to the Manus Celes, which can be accessed later in the quest.
  • The dragon is not named (Magic, x1 heart each) – There are three generic dragons west of the Moonlight Mod. Unlike other unnamed dragons in the Elden Ring, these dragons drop one heart each.


  • Decaying Ekzykes (Scarlet Rot, x1 Heart) – This hideous creature guards the path through Caelid. Head south and you’ll undoubtedly come across this dragon. Ekzykes brews a type of Rotten Breath, and here’s how to use it too!
  • Flying Dragon Grill (Fire, x1 Heart) – Greyll blocks your way through Farum Greatbridge, connecting the north and south Dragonbarrow.
  • Gray Dragon Elder (Debuff, x5 Hearts) – Dragons mother, Greyoll is surrounded by five of her offspring. Defeat them to kill her, she is afflicted with age and cannot attack you herself. However, they will roar which spoils your character. The debuff roar can be had as a spell that every suspicious person should have, along with these other amazing spells!
  • magma erm (Fire, x1 Heart) – This variety of Magma Wyrm is located in the Gael Tunnel. Another interesting character can be found here as part of their missions as well: Alexander live!
Elden Ring Dragon Night Build

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Mountain. does not come

  • magma erm (Fire, x1 Heart) – Another Wyrm to slay, this time inside Volcano Manor, the Gelmir Legacy Dungeon.
  • magma erm (fire, x1 heart) – Wyrm penultimate. This one resides in Lava Lake next to the Seethewater Terminus station.

mountain peaks of giants

  • Borealis, Frozen Fog (Frostbite, x1 Heart) – Borealis is located on the frozen lake in the most northeastern location on the map. The lake is large, so you will not have a hard time finding it.
  • Great Whirl Theodorix (Fire, x3 Hearts) – Despite its frozen location, north of the bewildering Albinaurics hike, the Great Wyrm does fire damage, prepare accordingly.

Below is a map showing a visual representation of each dragon’s heart within the lands in between.

dragon heart map

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What do dragon hearts do in the Elden Ring?

Now that you’ve collected the internal organs of each Elden Ring dragon, you’ll be wondering what they do.

Take them to one of the two Dragon Communion churches and you’ll be able to consume them when changing to learn powerful dragon-based spells.

The Limgrave Church can be found naturally while completing the Boc the Seamster quest, so there is no reason not To help out your Demi-Human pal.

The Caelid Church is found right next to the battlefield where you will encounter the Decaying Ekzykes, so check it out on your way to the General Radan War Festival!

As you might expect, eating Dragon Hearts has its drawbacks. In the Elden Ring, doing so results in permanent cosmetic changes to your character. Here’s how you can change it back!