Android 12L ROM Available from Descendant and Pixel Experience

If you are shrugging off the news of Google Pixel smartphones receiving stable versions of Android 12L, you can try to push the OEM to be faster in rolling out the update to your device. Alternatively, you can follow our custom ROM coverage as we highlight Android 12L ports from the community. More users have been invited to the party, as the custom ROM for Android 12L is now available from the source from the Descendant and Pixel Experience maintainers.


The ROM for Descendant is known to bring a new AOSP experience with lots of unique features. Back in December 2021, the developers behind the project released the first official builds based on Android 12 and kept updating them until February. After a short hiatus, the team is now back with Descendant 12.1 Android 12L as the base, a slew of device-specific fixes, and several new functions.

The first notable change is Descendant Recovery: a simple custom made recovery, which is now available for most supported devices. You can download it as a standalone recovery or as a boot image alongside a flashable ZIP package for your smartphone. Face Unlock is now integrated into the ROM, and there’s a built-in weather app that supports feed. The build menu this time introduces GSI’s goals as well.

The complete change for Descendant 12.1 is as follows:

Descendant 12.1 changelog

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue causing a collision between the Sony-style watch and the weather
    • Fixed an issue causing the vibration icon in the volume bar to incorrectly resize
    • Resolved an issue preventing the Sony-designed watch from updating the time correctly
    • Fixed typo in settings for “lockscreen” in English translation
  • improvements
    • Fingerprints improve haptic feedback
    • Gestures Magic performance is improved on clean install
    • The amount of available apps has been improved with a colorful launcher icon
  • Interface changes
    • The transition of the brightness bar from the non-expanded quick settings panel to the fully expanded quick settings panel has been improved
  • New features
    • Face lock added
    • Added full screen gestures in: Settings > System > Gestures > System Navigation > Gesture Navigation (gear icon)
    • What’s New Now it can check and notify you about updates to the Descendant system
    • A weather app has been added and will provide weather information to the system and users
  • Level of security patches

Download Descendant 12.1 based on Android 12L for your phone

pixel experiment

Being one of the most popular custom ROMs, Pixel Experience is sought after by many Android enthusiasts to imitate the Google Pixel software experience. Although the project started offering official Android 12 versions in December of last year, ROM enthusiasts are asking its developers to add some extra features and release a separate “Plus” variant. After re-establishing the code base on top of Android 12L last month, maintainers are finally ready to deliver Pixel Experience Plus versions of this month’s update.

Aside from upgrading the security patch to April 2022, the Pixel Experience team is now introducing a number of tweaks through the “Plus” version. For example, you can access the network traffic monitor and audio settings for each application, which are not accessible in the regular version. The goal has always been to focus on stability and portability across Pixel features, so the overall experience didn’t deviate much from the vanilla variant.

You can find the comprehensive changelog below:

Pixel Experience April 2022 changelog

  • vanilla version
    • April security patch
    • Fixed charging animation not showing
    • Fix opening sound playing repeatedly
    • Updated translations
    • Other fixes
  • Plus version:
    • LiveDisplay (color profile, display mode, reading mode, color calibration)
    • Hide Notch support
    • Status bar shortcuts
    • Rotation settings
    • Lock screen display (media cover, music visualizer, power menu)
    • Sound settings for each app
    • Increase the ring volume
    • different gestures
    • Power button and volume button customizations
    • Network traffic monitoring
    • Brightness (brightness slider, auto brightness, brightness control)
    • Quick settings (swipe up, address visibility, shake on touch, rows, columns)

So far, more than 50 devices have received official support for Pixel Experience Plus in addition to Android 12L. Given the time, more developers will likely expand the list as they complete the rendering of the device.

Download Pixel Experience 12 and 12 Plus based on Android 12L for your phone

It goes without saying that you should backup your data before attempting to flash any of these versions or any other custom ROM. If his loss will affect you, back up – no excuses. These designs are mainly aimed at users who want to experience the latest version of Android, Android 12L, and understand the risks associated with aftermarket software.

source: Descendant Telegram Channel, Pixel Experience Blog