At $15,000, is a 1986 Buick LeSabre Grand National a bargain?

Good price or no dice 1986 Buick LeSabre Grand National

Buick and the Grand National nameplate may merge together like Forrest and Jenny, but as it is today Good price or no dice LeSabre proves, that match wasn’t always in heaven. Let’s see if this rare NASCAR-based coupe now comes at a great price.

When you think about Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, it’s not hard to imagine a truck like yesterday’s 1985 GMC Sierra 3500 To be somewhere on the pyramid. Perhaps between “love and belonging” and “appreciation”. The GMC wasn’t the kind of simple truck many of you felt was such a basic necessity, but at $8950, it seemed like an affordable way to reach that feat, too. At least that’s an assumption we can make based on her winning 73 per cent at the Nice price.

Well, I want you to think of the name Grand National and picture the first car that comes to mind. It’s a mid-’80s Buick Regal, isn’t it? Perhaps in black, with gray interior and deep-dish turbo wheels. easyy easy.

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Today we’ll talk about another Grand National – it’s still Buick, but it’s much less common and more confusing than the Regal version.

this is 1985 Buick Lesper Grand National It was a one-year package and only 113 copies were sold before it was replaced by the T-Type in 1986. I’m sure that makes it the rarest of all LeSabre models out there.

Now, LeSabre and performance didn’t really come together, and while the Grand National version got a heavy-duty FE1 suspension featuring larger anti-skew bars and stiffer springs, it was still a big SUV with most of its weight channeled over that front. Wheels. This made it handle and ride better than the standard LeSabre, but around the corners, it still plowed like planting season. The model’s existence was motivated by Buick’s participation in NASCAR and the company’s desire to qualify the larger car as a body template for track use.

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To that end, the Grand National has two model-specific body parts. The most obvious is a strange plastic cover over a portion of the side window glass. This was intended to make it easier for air to flow around the car, but it definitely looks weird. Other Grand National updates include a front air dam, a set of unashamedly allowing wheels, a black-painted rim, and a pair of Grand National badges featuring a two-tone round stock.

A similar badge appeared on the Regal Grand National and as everyone knows, it is the turbo that gave the Regal version its power and fame. On the LeSabre, there is no turbo. Aside from the suspension upgrades, in fact, all of the Grand National’s mechanical vehicles are straight and unfiltered LeSabre. This means that a 3.8-liter V6 with 150 horsepower drives the front wheels through a four-speed automatic transmission with a shaft shift. You are helpful.

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This LeSabre Grand National features black over gray mouse fur, which was the only way these models appeared and is claimed to be #36 out of a total of 113 units. The bodywork looks straight and the paint is fine. It’s hard to tell for sure due to the layer of dirt on the car and the football prints strewn across the hood. The cabin looks solid and is clearly designed for comfort, not speed. The padded seats have room for three in the back as well as the front, with a low tunnel in the middle providing legroom for everyone.

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Yes, some cleaning is needed here as well, but based on the images in the ad, this Buick appears to be a real barn find, so that’s probably to be expected. According to the announcement, the car comes out of the fold fine, has new tires and a new battery. It has 163,000 miles on Odo, which adds up to about 4,500 miles a year. Since she wears vintage boards, it’s a good thing that most of her miles traveled early in life and her later years were less active. The title is clean, unlike the current car.

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Therefore, this is extremely rare if the Buick is somewhat uninspiring. Exactly what could it be worth? The seller is asking for $15,000 to sell and is counting on getting something close to that to fund the purchase of a ’68-’70 Dodge Charger, which the seller notes in the ad is their dream car.

What do you think, is this LeSabre worth $15,000, thus bringing the seller closer to realizing his dream? Or is this price just a complete nightmare?

It’s your decision!

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