At $6950, could this 2007 Honda item be a good deal?

Good price or no dice 2007 Honda Element

Let’s be honest, with her gorgeous beer-colored, boxy paint, today Good price or no dice Element looks a lot like a cute little UPS truck. We’ll take a closer look and see what this brown color can do for us.

Volkswagen is one of the world’s largest car producers, with factories in almost every corner of the world and enough brands and models to keep a multitoed cat busy counting. Perhaps it was this size and scope that caused many of you to reject what happened yesterday 1977 Volkswagen AntDespite being one of the oldest and rarest flights Volkswagen has ever made. At $19,900, few of you had anything to do with this rarity and chose to give the truck 77 percent of the dice loss, which is very common these days.

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Hey, let’s pick another automaker and consider the fact that Honda hasn’t let its strange flag fly lately. What’s wrong with that? Consider their assortment here in the United States. There is a Civic line, which is good, Accord, which is good, clarity and insight Both beautiful hybridsand then Four sizes of a crossover all…well, good.

The only freak that can be found in the Japanese automaker’s entire lineup is the Ridgeline, a pickup with sassy attitude, lots of fun and hidden places. This was not always the case. At one point, Honda was making cars and trucks that were not only good but also funky.

Today 2007 Honda Element SC It is a good example of that earlier humor. And not only that, but it’s a rare version (that word exists again) with a manual transmission and three foot pedals. This should not only make driving unconventional, but also somewhat fun.

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Honda based the Element on the same Civic-derived platform as the CR-V but gave the car its signature style. Indeed, with its boxy shape, rear suicide doors, and front and rear plastic fenders, the element stood out boldly from all of Honda’s contemporary offerings. Regarding the last design element on the Element, this wasn’t Honda’s first foreplay with plastic fenders. The little CRX had plastic front fenders throughout the ’80s. Only, in this case, did Honda have it match the color of the rest of the car so you’d never know it was cast rather than stamped. In the case of the Element, Honda celebrated the bumper’s composite build by shamelessly leaving it unpainted on older cars.

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Later models like this offered painted fenders, but they’re still the same emission-resistant plastic. However, starting in 2009, the Element’s fenders were redesigned and switched to steel, thus eliminating one of the car’s most enjoyable features.

This one has plastic fenders, suicide doors, and being an SC version, there are quite a few extra goodies. These systems include a slightly lowered suspension, projector headlights, and “tribal style” interior upholstery. Besides all that, this element also has 208,000 miles on the clock.

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Yes, that’s a big number when it comes to mileage, but according to the seller, there’s nothing worse than wear because of it, claiming:

The service has just been completed. . Oil change, 02 new sensors. . no leakage. . Just got smog. . It never had any accidents and was never modified. . Just got some new tires a couple of months ago. . This is a rare model and combination. . The clutch shifts significantly and shifts through the gears without issues. .

Oddly enough, regarding this last part, the ad also notes that a new clutch is now entering the car.

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Aesthetically, this Honda funky little car appears to be in good condition with just a few dings and warts that can be seen in the photos. Inside looks a bit tired and honestly the seller could have cleaned up the loading area a bit better before taking pictures as the birds seem to have spent the day back there. This is a fairly easy solution and can be negotiated before the sale if necessary. On the other hand, the title is clean.

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As I indicated at the beginning, Honda doesn’t make eccentric cars like these anymore. In fact, it hasn’t happened in years. That has left a void in the lineup as well as in the hearts of those who like themselves a funky Honda overhaul. Because nature and dogs abhor vacuum, the result has been a steady rise in the prices of items over the past few years. This $6950 machine is one of the best out there, lacking only the AWD system which, to be fair, wasn’t offered in the SC. However, we have to decide if this is a reasonable price or not.

What do you say, is $6950 the fair price for this funky brown camper? Or, to be a bargain, should that price be more racist?

It’s your decision!

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