At $8,950, is a 1995 GMC Sierra 3500 pickup a good deal?

Good price or no dice 1995 GMC Sierra 3500

As a former government truck, today Good price or no dice GMC is set up to be meaningless. Let’s see if there are any cheats to be found with its price tag.

While BMW has applied The venerable M badge in nearly all of her collectioneven if you go so far as to extend the Performance ID to its crossovers and those weird X-humped things, I think it could be argued that Series 3 M3 is still the most famous and beloved company M model.

Unfortunately for the seller last Friday 1999 E36 M3Most of you did not find it the most popular version of this most popular model. Both the convertible body style and the automatic gearbox were called more faults than features Taken together, they made the car’s asking price of $23,750 unpalatable to most people. The end result was a no-reward loss of 70 percent. Despite this loss, I still love that car a lot.

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Do you know what else I like? I like the idea of ​​having the right tool for the job. Maybe that’s why I have, well… a way Lots of tools. When it comes to any kind of work, having the right tool can mean the difference between getting work done quickly and efficiently, and finishing work with anger. exclamation “It will never happen again!”

When Michael, owner of the day 1995 GMC Sierra 3500 via email about truck what It caught my attention Note that it is a former government truck and that it is a former government man. Michael is the second owner, and I think the government is the first. Now it’s ready to go ahead and Michael says he would like to “go to a working stable for his next host”. For a working truck, that’s a fair request.

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Now, I don’t often post vehicles for sale recommended by sellers because we’re not here just for that immobilize anyone. seriouslyDon’t flood my inbox. Still, The history of this truck intrigued me, as did its fabric and rubber upholstery Floor covering the cellar. You can also find out when a GMT400 truck means to work when switching standard model Flowing headlights for rectangular, sealed beam units.

Other work-oriented aspects of the truck include a spacious 8-foot side bed and a solid bed if it isn’t impressive 5.7 liter V8 under the hood. This mill should be good for 180 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torsion. Those might not be big numbers compared to modern trucks, but as we’ll get to it, that might be a reasonable trade-off when you consider other factors. The engine helps a little, the engine benefits from a large number of maintenance work that is supposed to use all OEM parts and fluids, documented with receipts.

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The chassis is straight saving For a large dent on the sidewalk side of the bed. This didn’t look like it had broken the paint or was bad enough to damage the tire that the truck could run like a scary new GMC. 🔨 hammer. On the other side of that, there is a bed cover that keeps things tidy.

very inside basic but also very clean. This is the standard cabin which may be a sticking point for some due to the less lockable storage space. It is remarkable that most of the era of pickup trucks – for example 50 years or so – a standard cab was the only way to go.

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There are some upgrades and surprises in the truck. and this is Alluded to in the ad, but not specifically called out and Includes Bluetooth add-on for factory stereo and Cadillac 4-note horns. A bunch of additional OEM parts as well Factory service and TSB manuals also come with the truck. Finally, it comes with a clean address and no record of any scams in the CarFax report. Cherry on top? It only has 65,500 miles under its belt.

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Now, despite those low mileage, this isn’t a new truck. but that Something the seller Michael says is actually a benefit From the truck embrace:

Why buy a similar “new” truck worth $40,000 to $60,000 when you can service this truck at home with cheap/high quality parts and your own knowledge. You don’t have to worry about dings and scrapes when you own a completely classic GMT400 truck.

What does it take to make this old truck such a significant attraction when compared to those expensive new ones? How about $8,950 he asks? What do you think, is this a fair price for such simple thingsimon from work truck? Or is this price not right for you?

It’s your decision!

Sacramento, California, craigslistor go here If the ad disappears.

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