AT&T Partner Solutions To Deliver Multifunctional Internet Speeds

AT&T Partner Solutions offers multifunctional internet speeds across all indirect channel programs

Fast internet speeds open up new opportunities for solution providers

AT&T Partner Solutions continues to innovate and empower our solution providers with new opportunities to help them reach more customers. Now, solution providers across all of our channel programs can access our new multiple speeds with AT&T Business Fiber.

This means that AT&T Alliance Channel™, AT&T Partner Exchange®, and ACC Business can take advantage of their customers’ ultra-fast and secure Internet experience. With 2-Gig and 5-Gig speed levels, solution providers can help their customers improve digital experiences and expand growth.

Solution providers want to be able to move quickly, so they can help their clients stay ahead of the changing landscape. They turn to AT&T Partner Solutions to access the capabilities they need to help accelerate their business. We also make it easy for business customers to take advantage of AT&T Business Fiber on their terms. Customers can purchase through solution providers in any of our indirect channel programs. We strive to make it virtually seamless for solution providers to buy or sell fiber services.

We offer business customers of all sizes – from small businesses to the largest companies – a high-speed connectivity solution on our fiber network. Whether they support data-intensive services like video conferencing and collaboration or cloud services, we have the right bandwidth to handle their needs.

“With the explosive growth of fiber, there is a huge opportunity for our indirect sales channels and multi-functional speeds that open up even more possibilities. We are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of companies looking for a highly reliable network designed to manage larger amounts of data” Sarita Rao, Head of Integrated Solutions and Partner, AT&T.

We also work to keep businesses connected to more than 675,000 AT&T fiber-lit US commercial buildings, enabling high-speed fiber connections to more than 2.75 million locations for US business customers. Nationwide, there are more than 9.5 million commercial customer locations within 1,000 feet of our fiber.1

What do solution providers say?

“With the launch of multiple services, our market opportunity has increased dramatically. We are excited to have this expanded offer with AT&T that competitors cannot get close to” Kyle Duncan, President of DYN Consulting.

“Connection is king. It’s the catalyst to drive all things exciting to top revenue. AT&T’s cross-functional speeds will improve customer experiences, from accessing the cloud, improving video quality, processing critical business transactions, and just about any other use case you can think of.” We are excited to bring these new speeds to market for our institutional clients.” Ross Artal, President and COO, Spectrotel.

How did you get this thing?

Do you want to go faster? To try AT&T Business Fiber now at speeds up to 5 Gig, solution providers can contact an AT&T Channel Manager to learn more about available customer locations, pricing, offers and incentives.

“We are the number one provider of choice for the connectivity needs of our solution providers and our growing fiber network is laying the foundation for the future,” added Rao. “As businesses use more data and more applications and services than ever before, high-availability connectivity is more important than ever.”

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