Back to Monkey Island Ron Gilbert confirmed to be real, slated for release in 2022

This is the second biggest surprise I've seen in my life.
Zoom / This is the second biggest surprise I’ve seen in my life.

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Back to Monkey IslandRaised by Ron Gilbert on his official blog last week on April Fools’ Day, it has been confirmed to be an actual video game that will be released in 2022.

The announcement of the game came as Gilbert’s first April Fools’ joke in 18 years of running the Grumpy Gamer Blog. Or at least it looks like it was an April Fools’ Day gag. On Monday, Gilbert followed up on his post by saying he felt “bad” about the joke, adding, “Over the weekend, I ramped up the match so no one would be disappointed.”

in another place, Gilbert said That the game had been in development for about two years by the team at Terrible Toybox, who also worked on the 2017 adventure game. thimbleoid park. But Terrible Toybox chose a notable new partner this time around: Dave Grossman, who co-wrote and co-designed many of LucasArts’ legendary point-and-click games, including the first two monkey island titles.

Other familiar names include Dominic Armato, who will reprise the role of Guybrush Threepwood, and original LucasArts musicians, who will present the game’s score.

“I do too many things in my life and make others have them.”

For those unfamiliar, the monkey island The series began in 1990 with Gilbert, Grossman and Tim Shafer at the helm, at the height of LucasArts’ point-and-click adventure game legacy. Gilbert remained aboard the series’ first sequel in 1991, only to leave LucasArts shortly after its release; He eventually teamed up with Schafer to create a new game for Double Fine Productions before starting again on his own. While other teams presented monkey island Games in Later Years Without the involvement of the original creators, the original games remain beloved for their mixture of brilliant puzzles and playful, stilted writing.

Back to Monkey Island Uncover the trailer.

The one-minute trailer released on Monday is a snapshot of gameplay details beyond the appearance of the virtual engine that will be used to showcase its high-resolution 2D characters and art assets — currently a mix of hand-tracked animations and a flat sprite-like flash rig. One bouncing skull (Murray?) heads toward the Ghost Pirate bassist, then mumbles, “Ron Gilbert told me he wouldn’t make anything else monkey island Unless…” before he rummaged off deck.

This quote is a reference to a statement Gilbert wrote in 2013 about his dreams of creating another monkey island Toy. The post made it clear monkey island He will never officially return unless Gilbert owns the IP chain. “I have spent much of my life creating and making things that other people have,” Gilbert wrote. “I won’t just let you do that monkey island Fan games, but I encourage them.”

In the years since that publication, Disney-sponsored Lucasfilm Games has been more generous in helping its esteemed alumni re-release original games with minimal interference, and the company has also increased its efforts to put its largest holdings in the hands of new developers. Next Indiana Jones A video game, for example, made by MachineGames. Gilbert didn’t say what deal he made with the LucasArts rights holders, but it could be argued it’s good enough to get him to eat something very popular “and not make something else” monkey island” words.

Take the rest of Gilbert’s 2013 post with caution – particularly the guidance on “rebuilding SCUMM”, the programming system he developed for classic LucasArts games. (It’s possible that he remade the engine, but given the game’s development timelines, budgets, and availability of powerful third-party engines in the years since, it doesn’t seem like a hill worth dying for.)

The post gives hints about the compromises Gilbert is willing to make to deliver a modern game. As seen in the trailer, the game actually follows his dream of “HD 2D” rather than adopting 3D assets, and its use of spoken voice action suggests a fully expressive adventure (as seen in the remastered version). monkey island games). In terms of gameplay, Gilbert previously suggested dropping all “actions” while still leaving out the “dialogue puzzles” that made the original games so special. And as far as the difficulty of adventure games is concerned, I’ll let Gilbert wax my hair:

It will be an action packed adventure game driven by what made that era so great. There are no elaborate tutorials, hint systems, or puzzles that cater to mass market or modernization. It will be a hardcore adventure game. You will get stuck. You will get frustrated. Some puzzles will be difficult, but all puzzles will be fair. It’s one aspect of monkey island I’m very proud.

Gilbert is unlikely to tease much about the game before its release, at least if he sticks to his plans for 2013, which included a pledge not to distribute pre-release review copies before the game’s release. “Members of the press should turn it on at the same time you’re doing it,” he told fans at the time. “I hope they won’t get mad at me. Hope my Metacritic score doesn’t get mad at me.”

okay from us. We’ll be playing the game whenever Gilbert gives us it—which, according to today’s news, will be by the end of this year. (Take this, Breath of the Wild 2.)