Battlefield 2042 gets a massive 4.0 update with over 400 changes

The 4.0 update for Battlefield 2042 will be released soon, featuring an amazing number of changes, and now a developer from DICE is giving details of what to expect.


DICE continues to work on the latest shooting game, Battlefield 2042. The new game update 4.0 may bring some of the most significant changes made to the game so far. A team member from DICE explains that the 4.0 update for Battlefield 2042 It will have more than 400 individual fixes and the developer also has detailed changes that fans can expect when the update launches next week.

It’s been five months since then Battlefield 2042 It was released to a hugely negative fan reception due to several bugs and changes to the kernel battlefield Play. Since the game’s release, DICE has constantly reiterated its intention to listen to battlefield Community comments and provide concrete plans to fix the condition Battlefield 2042. The March 3.3 major update added some much-needed features like a very missing scoreboard, as the developers promised that a bigger update with more fixes is on the way. This update comes in the form of Title Update 4.0 and is scheduled to be released sometime next week.

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Ahead of next week’s update, DICE Community Manager Kevin Johnson announced on Twitter that Battlefield 2042The April update will include a huge number of “400+ individual fixes, bugs, and quality of life improvements”. The community manager then detailed a few incoming changes to clients, experience points, and gameplay balancing. Agents Rao and Paik’s individual attributes will be updated, while Sundance will receive a fix for their grenade belt. On the XP balancing side of things, the bar recommendations have been tweaked so that players unlock them faster in all modes, and the XP support actions have been rebalanced to emphasize teamwork. In addition, the 4.0 update will introduce some changes to the vehicle to Battlefield 2042; Kevin promises that the anti-pedestrian/vehicle combat “still had some bites.” Finally, weapon attachments have been overhauled to make sure weapons look unique and impressive when selecting gear.

Despite this strong list of upcoming changes Battlefield 2042With more than 400 more fixes on the way, some fans feel it’s not enough. Long-standing issues such as performance issues, the game squad system, and mouse input issues persist, and it’s not certain if the 4.0 title update will mitigate these issues. With Battlefield 2042DICE’s first season begins sometime in the summer, and DICE may have a turbulent road ahead as it juggles content updates and patches to fix the game.

Battlefield 2042 He is still facing harsh experience in the public eye nearly half a year since its release. this week, Battlefield 2042 It has dropped below 1,000 concurrent players on Steam, and the overall daily rate of players continues to drop. In addition, EA reported that development the next day battlefield Already underway, potentially interrupted Battlefield 2042Short life cycle, but to what extent it will support EA and DICE 2042 remains to be seen. Major Update 4.0 releases next week and promises to upgrade the version Battlefield 2042 Remarkably experience. Perhaps DICE can still provide a much-needed course correction and restore some players that need them battlefield Repair.

Battlefield 2042 Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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