Best Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Category: Clawbringer + Spore Warden

A clawbringer, top class in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, shoots a dragon on Xbox Series X.

screenshot: Motion vector

If you are in pain about which category you play in Wonders of Tiny Tina, excuse me. The game has the best clear category: Clawbringer.

Wonders of Tiny TinaNow released for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, it’s a fanciful reimagining of Gearbox’s longevity Borderlands A series of loot shooters. Most Borderlands The games give you a choice of four categories initially (well, it doesn’t count which category you can download via DLC). WondersHowever, it offers you six:

  • Stabbomancer: A category that focuses on stealth (whatever that means Borderlands) allows you to transform invincible and throw the thorny knife.
  • Griffburn: A high-risk and rewarding class that sacrifices health in power attacks that rejuvenate your body. You are accompanied by a small lichen.
  • claw: You have a little dragon!!!
  • Sport Warden: You get a bow and arrow, can summon hurricanes, a mushroom…a human being…something that hits enemies follows.
  • Zerker justified: A melee-focused class that focuses on freezing enemies, which is very powerful, because frozen enemies deal three times the melee damage.
  • Spellshot: The whole spellshot deal is that you can toggle her ability on the class option to equip a second spell.

Borderlands Classes have historically featured three skill trees, and you’re allotted enough skill points over the course of the campaign to fill two of these trees. Wonders Rank them Each category only has one skill tree, instead of three, so you don’t have to worry too much about pouring points into the wrong tree. (You can also reset points in BrightovAnd the WondersCentral City.)

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Tree Clawbringer is highly focused on growing shooting And the Lightning Elemental damage, both amazingly used by a little dragon friend. In later levels, you can unlock “Invincible“Also the skill, which prevents you from dying and refills your shield. (It’s burdened with a 120-second cooldown.) You can also unlock skills that allow your dragon companion to shoot fireballs and lightning bolts, and you can increase the damage output (“flame friend“skill).

I’m rocking three characters now, and I’ve tried most of these classes, and seen the rest in action through firsthand through a rotating staff of collaborative partners. I feel very confident in saying that the Clawbringer is the way to go. It’s good enough on its own, but it really shines for the part of the game when, after completing the main “Emotion of the Ocean” quest, you can choose a second class. This is where the clawbringer comes in on its own. If you pair it with Spore Warden – which makes a file wildfire Class – become practically invincible.

Spore Warden’s skill tree features “love heart‘, which improve – and it is necessary to pay attention to the details here – everyone’s health and damage companions. Its purpose is to make Spore Warden’s mushroom friend a little stronger. But these bonuses affect the little dragon as well, if you match these two classes. In addition, you can unlock a skill that improves the damage inflicted by your companions each time you receive a critical hit (“Hunting excitement“) and another that can prevent you from dying (“medicinal mushroomIn the high or medium levels, you end up with a character who can dodge the kiss of death twice, followed by two fickle little monsters, who essentially become a miniature army roaming in Wonderland, destroying everything in their path.

Honestly, there’s only one drawback to Wildfire’s character enhancement: it transforms even in WondersThe highest level of difficulty in easy mode.