Rivian CEO warns of Chip Snag ‘appetizers’ due to lack of battery

RJ Scaringe says the shortage of electric vehicle batteries may soon become a bigger problem than the shortage of chips. Alex Partners estimated that a shortage of computer chips caused automakers to lose $210 billion in 2021. Elon Musk has repeatedly warned that battery supplies could affect the production of electric cars. Download Something is … Read more

Here’s Why Tesla’s Elon Musk Emphasizes an “Engineer First” Approach

This article comes to us from EVANNEX, which manufactures and sells aftermarket Tesla accessories. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily our own within the InsideEVs, and EVANNEX has not paid us to publish these articles. We find the company’s perspective as an aftermarket supplier of Tesla accessories interesting and are happy to share its … Read more

2023 Land Rover Range Rover takes a giant step forward

A few times a strange thing happened while we were trying out the new Land Rover Range Rover on a beautiful set of winding two-lane roads that meandered through northern California wine country and along the scenic Pacific Coast. We’re not sure why, but when we always encountered a slower car, we immediately found a … Read more

VW ID.Buzz First Look: EV Makes Trucks Cool Again

We’re in the middle of the electric car revolution and every day it feels like a new electric car, truck, or SUV hits the road. But if you want an electric truck, your options are more limited, which is exactly what VW hopes to tackle with the upcoming ID. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend … Read more

Car prices will rise in 2022

Shopping for a new car? Have you considered waiting until 2023? All that and more in morning shift On April 18, 2022. Step one: Car companies can get away with it Car companies spend years – contracts – Desperately trying to keep prices low to stay competitive in the market. But what if..every car company … Read more

I lost five days and 70 credits while trying to buy a motorcycle

picture: Indian Over the past week I’ve been trying to treat myself My first new car in six years. I wanted to update my motorcycle fleet with an Indian FTR 1200. But after working with two local agencies, all I got was 70 credits and five lost days of time. As you all know now … Read more

Mid-engine Aston cars wouldn’t be real without Gran Turismo

Clarification: Aston Martin with Valkyrie and Valhalla With so much attention now, it’s easy to forget Aston Martin’s earlier fantasies of what the brand’s mid-engine supercar might look like. Nearly a decade ago, it unveiled DP -100 – A car designed for Grand Touring 6. We should all appreciate the DP-100; Apparently, had it not … Read more

The cost of electric vehicles is high

picture: Toyota While reading Elizabeth Blackstock mail The other day you’re contemplating whether or not Toyota’s marketing plan for its first electric car will work, the bZ4X – which seemed to me. I realized automakers don’t seem to want electric cars in the hands of the masses—and it all has to do with cost, since … Read more

Toyota customization can make getting a GR Corolla difficult

Toyota has heard your GR Corolla calls and wants you to calm down. For those of you who have already called the local dealers to stand in lineGood for you to get in early. The unfortunate truth is that even if you select the options and colors you want, you probably won’t end up getting … Read more

2021 Kia Niro EV Jalopnik review

picture: Raphael Orlov Surrounded by the blue skies of Palm Springs, windmills – as crisp white as the 2021 Kia Niro EV – spin in the hurrying winds. Sand jumped across the flat, dark sidewalk, and I pinned it to the ground. Tire smoke suffocated the cabin, as this completely nondescript refrigerator on wheels scorched … Read more