PlayStation 5 will be available at Walmart tomorrow

It’s time for another chance to buy the most popular console on the market right now: the Sony PlayStation 5. Walmart once again has a restock of PS5 consoles for Walmart Plus subscribers. Members only scheduled for Tomorrow, April 19 at 12PM ET / 9AM PTIt is slated to include both the disc-based PS5 for … Read more

Halo Infinite’s “Scorpion Rifle” Exploit Is Leaving Season Two

picture: 343 industries next month, infinite aura he is New content is welcome for its second season. But for all the upcoming multiplayer maps, modes, and cosmetics, developer 343 Industries takes something out of the campaign: the scorpion gun. The inclusion of the Scorpion pistol, also referred to as the “tank gun”, made for something … Read more

Square Enix boss still says NFTs are the future of gaming

picture: Square Enix / Kotaku Remember back in January When the president of Square Enix, Yusuke Matsuda, posted that horrific message about a future in which video games will appear. NFTs And blockchain technology? Well, even though a lot of gamers and developers criticized the message, Matsuda didn’t hold back. And in a new interview, … Read more

How did the best World of Warcraft guild reach their breaking point

What does it mean to be on top world of cans? There are many signs of success in the world’s most popular multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). He can be the best player in player-versus-player combat, as judged by the regular tournaments hosted by Blizzard, the game’s developer. They could also be among the world’s … Read more

Rockstar edits “transphobic” content from the editors of GTA V

In recent years, the press and LGBTQ+ groups have put pressure on Rockstar Games to remove or change content they see as “transgender intimidation” in Grand Theft Auto V. Now, players have noticed some changes in the representation of transgender people in the game’s recently released “expanded and enhanced” upgrades for PlayStation 5 and Xbox … Read more

Elden Ring player notices shocking details after 200 hours of gameplay

An Elden Ring player notices horrific details hidden in the game’s background and soundscape after 200 hours of allotted playing time. elden ring It takes place in an incredibly in-depth open world environment that is completely full of hidden secrets that must be discovered. While the game is noticeably more fantasy and less focused on … Read more