George RR Martin denies Elden ring rumor

elden ring It is full of secrets, and chances are, it will remain to be discovered for years to come. Players have already found a way to stop elden ring Naturally, while the others found a wall in Volcano Manor that had to be hit 50 times to reveal a hidden path. It’s all there, … Read more

Elden Ring fans kill pope the turtle is terrorizing the internet

Dramatic interpretation of Baba the turtle’s last moments. picture: FromSoftware / Funimation / Sentai Filmworks / Kotaku Dogs are good, even if they are in the form of a giant tortoise. However, the lands in between is a ruthless place where boundaries are pushed, and sacrifices must be made in the pursuit of knowledge in … Read more

Rune Factory 5 Review – IGN

There’s a disappointing trend happening right now with the classic farm life simulation trio – Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons and now Rune Factory all having a hard time making the transition from mobile to console. Last year’s Story of Seasons made the best leap, albeit imperfect, while at around the same time Harvest Moon’s … Read more