Chevy Bolt hits the reset

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Chevy says bolts are good now, Hummer EV buyers seem unbearable, and VinFast. All that and more in morning shift On April 7, 2022.

First gear: Bolt

Chevy Bolt, like you will remember, It was the subject of a massive recall last year due to a possible fire related to its batteries. this is It was very uncomfortable for GM, which at that time and now Trying to convince everyone that electricity is the future.

Well, now Chevy says it has fixed the issues with Bolt batteries. Chevy thinks you should buy a Bolt now, in fact, and is shooting some ads aimed at moms to impress the car.

From Car News:

Steve Majoros, Chevrolet’s director of marketing, told reporters Wednesday that the ads are designed “to deliver the broader Chevrolet EV message.”

They will appear for the first time during the opening day of the Major League Baseball season. One ad titled “Mom” shows a driver talking to his mother on the phone for about an hour with plenty of battery life left in the Bolt. The other, called “Life Changes,” shows a Bolt technician explaining the ease of electric vehicle ownership for an expectant mother.

Majoros said these two locations would “reduce concerns about electric vehicle ownership.”

Chevy resumed production of Bolt and began shipping vehicles to dealers this week after the recall was resolved, which was linked to faulty batteries supplied by LG Energy Solution. Majoros said about 800 units of dealers’ inventory are for sale this month.

Majoros said the new ads would not address the recall process.

We do not underestimate or underestimate the situation. We will always be humble. “We’ll be sensitive,” he said. “But we won’t overdo it. We have done a lot of work with… our companions.”

While the Bolt was a disaster for Chevy, I’m amazed at how little the situation has halted the electric-vehicle momentum, as it seems every automaker and most governments are still going ahead with full steam ahead. GM also seems convinced that it’s an isolated case. Anyway, we’ve now come to the point where we can all pretend this never happened.

Second gear: Hummer EV

The GMC Hummer EV comes in two versions, a pickup, which some customers already own, and an SUV version, which will be released next year. Pickup from version 1, which is full of reservations, starts at $110,295, though Car Newsbuyers load it with extensions on top of that, which may not be surprising because when you spent $110,295 on something it was another $5,000 or so between friends.

“Every Hummer is loaded,” said Howard Drake, dealer manager at Buick-GMC Sherman Oaks in Southern California.

All Drake’s 17 Hummer Edition 1 customers have spent nearly $4,000 on the outdoor lighting package and pull-out bed cover. That’s on top of the $112,595 price tag, including shipping.

Several customers also purchased a tailgate audio system and kit for storing Hummer’s front eTrunk roof panels.

Agent Drake is located near star-studded Hollywood and Beverly Hills, California. Most early Hummer buyers are household names, including celebrity chef and restaurateur Wolfgang Puck.

More than 66,000 less well-known consumers have booked a place in line for the pickup truck or Hummer EV SUV, which will go on sale in 2023. GMC says that demand is enough to cover production through 2024.

From December through March, GM delivered 100 Hummer pickups, and the vehicle “runs a lot richer than we thought,” Duncan Aldred, vice president of global Buick and GMC, told Automotive News during a media campaign last month in Scottsdale, Arizona. . “It turns out to be great for everyone.”

I also appreciate this bit of historical context:

Will Churchill, co-owner of Frank Kent Motor Company in Arlington, Texas, says the accessory craze is reminiscent of the way buyers of the former gas-guzzling Hummer brand seized opportunities to personalize their trucks.

“We were a Hummer dealer when the Hummer was originally around, and it was an accessory beast,” he said.

Those of us who are old enough to remember the original Hummers remember their buyers were foreigners, basically, because who would want to consume loads of gas at a time when gas prices are skyrocketing. New Hummer buyers look alike in that they’re not really strangers, just stupid rich.

Third gear: The Biden administration had a new Confab conference with automakers

This time it included Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, who was previously seen Feeling very unlikely That the Biden administration did not count him or his company among the wonderful children. Those days seem to be gone, after Musk was included on Wednesday in a meeting with White House officials.

From Reuters:

The Biden administration said senior officials held a meeting on Wednesday with top auto leaders including Tesla CEO Elon Musk and General Motors CEO Mary Barra to discuss electric vehicles and charging.

“There was broad consensus that charging stations and vehicles should be interoperable and provide a seamless user experience, no matter what vehicle you drive or where you charge your electric vehicle,” the department said in a statement.

Well, it looks like everyone has been there.

Ford Motor CEO Jim Farley, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares, Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson, and Nissan Americas President Jeremy Papin were among other auto leaders who participated in Wednesday’s meeting, which discussed US financing. “To create a nationwide network of 500,000 shippers. . . “

The meeting was also attended by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy and Infrastructure Coordinator Mitch Landrieu.

Also participating in the conference were executives from Hyundai Motor America, Subaru of America, Mazda North America, Toyota Motor North America, Mercedes-Benz USA and Kia Motors America.

I suppose what was said was something along the lines of “Do we need more Ameriti chargers?!” And a lot of grunts in agreement.

Fourth gear: Tesla has something called ‘Cyber ​​Rodeo’ in Texas today

It feels like heaven or hell, depending on your conviction.

From The Wall Street Journal:

Tesla Inc. is set to open. The doors of its new Austin-area car assembly plant on Thursday, less than a month after a similar plant opened in Germany.

The event, dubbed “Cyber ​​Rodeo,” is a homecoming for Tesla, which moved its headquarters to the Austin area last year from Palo Alto, California. The event is scheduled to kick off at 4 p.m. local time, and CEO Elon Musk said he plans to speak at around 9 p.m. local time. The rally title is borrowed from the name of Tesla’s much-anticipated Cybertruck electric truck, which the company said it plans to do in Texas.

there It will also be a live broadcast of the eventIf you are interested in that.

Fifth gear: VinFast has been released to the public

VinFast is a Vietnamese electric vehicle manufacturer that has been making quite a buzz lately, with the announcement last month that A factory will be built in North Carolina. It said Thursday it has filed for an initial public offering in the United States, in what appears to be the latest attempt to cash in on market enthusiasm for electric vehicles, which are originally powered by Tesla.

From Reuters:

A source familiar with the matter said VinFast would likely seek to raise about $2 billion from the bid.

“VinFast is moving forward with its plans but the timing of the IPO is very open,” said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “There has to be a window to get the IPO done and it could easily take two months.”

Vinfast, a unit of Vietnam’s largest conglomerate, Vingroup JSC (VIC.HM), said it did not specify the IPO size and price range.

“There are options to consider. We’re still thinking about a lot of options,” CEO Lee Thi Thoye told reporters on the sidelines of an event to showcase the company’s new VF8 battery-powered SUV.

She said an IPO was planned for the second half of this year as one option to fund a planned plant in North Carolina and expansion in the United States.

Someone from VinFast has emailed me twice now about meeting at the New York Auto Show next week, and you know what, I might as well do it.

Rear: Walt Hansen

Hansgen passed away on this day in 1966, five days after crashing in training at Le Mans. He also drove in Formula 1 and finished twice in the Indianapolis 500. From UPI:

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Finally, it is really spring in New York, which means temperatures are in the 50s and it will rain most of the day.