Dark Souls 3 YouTuber Beats Game Without actually taking a step

An image from Dark Souls 3 depicting the player character shooting an arrow at what appears to be a skeleton warrior.

Crouching is allowed.
picture: FromSoftware

Many FromSoftware games lead to punishment. It requires calm, patience and quick reflexes, because any wrong movement or act of panic can – and often does – lead to an unceremonious death. Therefore, you might think that making use of every tool in your arsenal when exploring FromSoft games would be a no-brainer. But YouTuber ymfah made Dark Souls 3 More difficult, by limiting his in-game movement to anything but walking.

ymfah is a YouTuber who regularly uploads ridiculous “gimmick run” videos on FromSoft games, such as One where he only used guns blood borne. Earlier this month, he posted a video doing the unlikely: beating Dark Souls 3 without walking. To be sure, there is still movement. ymfah used many feats and mechanics to get around, including Teardrop glitch To bypass the death boxes, and operate the police-like quick move skill Thief’s knife. But other than that, going so far as to turn off his left analog stick, his mouth spent a long time blinking to get to Dark Souls 3last boss.

It’s practically a silly job. ymfah selected thief class For Bandit’s Knife, which not only has the skill of fast-moving weapon, but also performs fast-moving forward slashes. Besides the dagger, the thief also starts with a short bow that resets the camera and the character’s position when shooting.

After establishing some parameters – such as no keyboard or stick movements, and no key reconnection – ymfah proceeded to direct the light attack and quick step skill to move forward, overcoming enemies and a bow to go around, trying to avoid any unnecessary fights along the way. This last part was a hopeless impossibility that eventually led to many, many deaths. If that sounds cool, that’s because it is.

He said he understands Kotaku On Discord Messages That Inspiration Came From A similar move was made by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim About a year ago.

“I like to challenge myself with interesting ideas,” said Yempheh. More specifically, I like to solve challenges like puzzles. I set a strict goal, plan ahead using game knowledge, and when I come across an unexpected obstacle I try to overcome it with new and interesting ideas. I’m on PC so I used the Steam controller settings to disable the left joystick. It wasn’t really necessary because I was practicing on that walkway Skyrim And she didn’t touch the stick after that.”

Yempheh said that one of the hardest things about this run is to recreate the TearDrop glitch, which turns you into a floating ember after exploiting Tears of a denial spell, which protects you from fatal damage. Even more difficult, though, was navigating Dark Souls 3areas. Yempheh pointed out that this running took his life hundreds of times, especially the cruel ones Slave Knight Gail You can find his boss at Filianore’s Rest and The Cathedral of the Deep.

“Hardest area except for [Tears of Denial] Ympheh told us that running through the sordid capital would be the Cathedral of Depth and Erethel in the Boreal Valley. Those areas were a nightmare to navigate with many enemies to fight. This was before I got hidden body And sleep ring writing and reading. Here ymfah refers to two items that, when used together, are difficult for enemies to detect you.

Ymfah has only done this stressful run twice, but he has plans to give it a try elden ring. It all depends on whether he can find a particular movement skill that drops from a Knights of the Night In the fiery Caelid Dragonbaru District.

“I would be interested in doing something similar elden ring certainly. Bloodhound step It should make things easier.”