DeLorean Motor Company teases revealing the history and stylish image of its gull-wing electric vehicle, CEO unveils full lineup of new models [Update]

Gas? Where are we going, we don’t need gas. DeLorean Motor Company, the short-lived ’80s automaker behind the DMC DeLorean sports car, has turned into pop culture thanks to Back to the future The franchise, returns with the EV model. The DeLorean EV concept was recently teased, but its official reveal has now been lifted for three days along with an attractive teaser image.

April 7 update: After buzz around the internet regarding an all-electric DeLorean capability, DMC CEO Joost de Vries revealed some delicious new tidbits of information during a recent interview on Electrify News Podcast. Here are some new details we learned from the thirty-minute interview:

  • The new DeLorean EV concept will actually have gull-wing doors, but it won’t feature a stainless steel body like the original DMC-12.
  • There are no plans for the new DeLorean to appear of any kind Back to the future A movie, but according to de Vries, there are plenty of movie opportunities for EV and it will be seen in at least one movie in the future, if not more.
  • There are plenty of concept images floating around in the internet, but according to DMC’s CEO, none of these images represent the actual vehicle that will be revealed at Pebble Beach.
  • With its new design, the DeLorean EV remains true to the original in that the front will resemble the rear and remain the same throughout. According to de Vries, whether it’s in front of you or behind you, you’ll be able to identify it as a DeLorean.
  • The exciting “V” on the automaker’s website is located in the center of the new DMC logo and represents the brand’s “heartbeat.” It will be shown in multiple locations throughout the DeLorean EV and in future models (more on that below).
  • The company discussed whether to make the DeLorean EV a supercar, but ultimately chose not to. It won’t go from 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds, but it will be competitive in the market as a driver’s car — more specifically in the top five.
    • Unlike many other automakers, DeLorean plans to put assistive driving features in second place, bringing the human element back to the electric vehicle. “This is not going to be an iPad on wheels.”
    • De Vries said the DeLorean will be a competitor to the Porsche Taycan and the AMG GT. These are the types of vehicles that DMC measures.
  • The buying experience will vary by region – the Middle East and South America will be importer based, Europe will be a mix of D2C and franchises, and North America will still be TBD.

After about twenty minutes or so, the podcast started to get really interesting, with de Vries explaining that DeLorean makes not just an electric sports car but an entire electric car brand:

We need a sports car to relaunch the brand, but the brand’s ambition is to be an integrated manufacturer. We can’t stay on the coupe. I don’t care how cool it is, but the sizes don’t justify the investment, or the long-term perspective of what the investment would require. You will see other products from us. I wouldn’t say if it’s an SUV or a sedan or whatever, but there will be more volume-oriented products.

The DMC CEO then explained that when the team began rebirth, it dug deep into its archives throughout Europe and the US and discovered that the company had previously designed other DeLorean vehicles such as a four-door sedan and even a city bus. Moreover, DeLorean designers did not stop creating new DMC cars, even though the company stopped manufacturing decades ago.

In fact, De Vries revealed designs for the DeLorean 1990, DeLorean 2000, and even the 2010 DeLorean – a legacy of vehicles DeLorean plans to share with the world:

So now it’s up to us to educate and tell our story of what has happened over the past 40 years, and it’s very exciting to see what we’re going to release. We launch four cars at once. We’re launching four generations of vehicles to make sure everyone understands that DeLorean wasn’t just one car.

So when are we going to see these heritage vehicles? Apparently over the next 90 days. Looking at the calendar, that schedule matches the scheduled unveiling of the DeLorean EV in August at Pebble Beach. So instead of a new DeLorean one, there’s a chance the audience could actually get a glimpse of the four.

Much remains unclear regarding what a concept and what will be a planned production prototype, but DeLorean Motor seems ready to take a second round in making unique cars… and apparently not just one like last time. Lots of stories and full insight Electrify News PodcastCheck it out for yourself here.

DeLorean Motor Company is an American automobile manufacturer founded in 1975 by John DeLorean. Long before the Cybertruck, the company’s only vehicle, the DMC DeLorean arrived with stainless steel panels and gull-wing doors.

Although production of the original didn’t last long, the brand is still alive as a vital part of ’80s pop culture, thanks to three appearances as a dedicated DeLorean time machine in Back to the future triple.

While many of the remaining vehicles have been restored and celebrated for their role in the beloved movie franchise, that’s all history has to say about DMC… Oh, and that drug smuggling is all on John DeLorean by the FBI.

Earlier this year, a new DMC website came out, promoting the silhouette of all the very familiar seagull-wing doors…but no more than that. With a redesigned tagline and a new tagline, “The Future We Never Promised,” DeLorean appears to have re-emerged from the bowels of nostalgia and mystery and will be reborn as an electric car brand.

Delorean EV
Teaser images for the DeLorean EV – left, silhouette from the DeLorean website, right, latest teaser image / Source: DMC

DeLorean EV set to debut August 18 at Pebble Beach

The revived automaker shared news of its EV debut via this tweet from DeLorean Motor Company accompanied by a full press release:

In addition to the first real peek of the prototype (the name is TBD), we learned that this new electric vehicle will be revealed for the first time on August 18, on the awards ramp at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. In addition, the DeLorean EV will be shown at Concept Lawn in Pebble Beach on August 21, as originally planned. Troy Betz, DMC’s Head of Marketing explained:

Excitement rises like the doors of our iconic sports car, as we unveil the next generation of the prototype three days earlier than planned at the most prestigious stage in Pebble Beach.

DeLorean didn’t explain why the premiere was ahead and why it would be on the awards ramp, but seeing this electric vehicle prototype three days ago is welcome nonetheless. DeLorean Motor Company also said that it will share the official name of the electric vehicle during the reveal.

The press release refers to the DeLorean EV as a prototype and concept, so if a production version eventually arrives, it will certainly change. However, the prospect of an all-electric DeLorean is exciting, and even a three-quarter shot of the left shoulder and taillight might be enough to draw us to Pebble Beach this summer.

If only those original DMC DeLoreans really worked as time machines.

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