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The DeLorean Motor Company is promising a premiere of its new electric concept car.

Image courtesy of DeLorean.

Gas? Where are we going, we don’t need gas! Well, I took the liberty of swapping the word “road” for “gas,” but with what we’ve come up with in our transition to electric cars, this revised line from the Spielberg movie Back to the future It may be a perfect fit.

In fact, if you weren’t paying attention, you could easily have missed the 15-second position for DeLorean Motor that features the front lines of a gull-winged door car that hovers the slogan, “The future was never so promised.”

Now, DeLorean Motors is preparing a debut electric concept car on Thursday, August 18, at the awards gala at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, followed by the new electric vehicle being shown at the Concept Lawn in Pebble Beach on August 21. .

Joost de Vries is the CEO of the DeLorean Motor Company, and he might indeed be the perfect person to strike twice as lightning.

“I’ve been in the automobile business since I was 12,” said Jost, who was a guest on the latest podcast. “Many different companies, many different continents.” Most recently, he’s been working at Tesla from going from Roadster to Model S, and then Karma Automotive for the past six and a half years.

“A few years ago, we worked with Stephen Wynn, who was the owner of [DeLorean] The brand has been for the past three decades. [We felt] This brand is big enough to stand on its own, and here we are.”

Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. Joost points to talent attraction and affordability as two of the most important features the city has to offer.

And it might really be a good time to reinvent a classic icon for a car like the DeLorean. Ford reimagined the F-150 (Lightning) and Mustang (Mach-E) as electric, and Chevy graduated with the electrified Blazer. And I know there are countless adoring fans who are looking forward to this VW ID. Buzz as a throwback to yesterday’s VW bus. Pulling on our car’s heart strings may be an ingenuity that will pay off well.

Joost did extensive research on DeLorean, bringing him back to the original designers. Find out that over the past 40 years, DeLoreans’ subsequent design hasn’t stopped.

“What you’ll actually see over the next 90 days is that we’ll bring to market a 1990 DeLorean, 2000 DeLorean, and 2010 DeLorean (the designs) before we launch our new car,” said Jost.

He proudly recounts that they met three generations of designers in Italy – grandfather, father and son – who have been involved with the brand over the past forty years.

“In terms of design, it was really hard to make something iconic again with gull-wing doors, but given the facts of how we assembled the new powertrain and our new chassis,” said Jost.

The DeLorean in the famous movie Back to the future It was more than just a vehicle. You can prove that the car was a key figure. It’s a brand that feels good, captivates the imagination and suggests endless possibilities.

For more information, visit to watch the evolution of an American icon unfold.

As Dr. Emmett Brown said long ago, “If you’re going to make a time machine in a car, why not do it with some elegance?”


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