Does a 3-year-old Volvo battery really need to be recharged?

s: There is a 3-year-old battery in my husband’s Volvo S40. After the dealer did the oil change, they mentioned that the battery could use a recharge (2 hours, $15). Did they just want to add another $15 to our bill? Can you clarify and tell us what you think?

a: We see many batteries that, when tested, show “charging” and “retesting”. The alternator (alternator) does a very good job of maintaining batteries, but in some cases that is not enough.

Could it be a way to add $15 to the bill? Perhaps, but as the coronavirus continues to keep more people working at home and driving less, battery voltage could drop below normal.

12V battery fully charged by about 12.5V; A person with a 50% charge state has 12.2 volts; The other one with 10.5 volts is at zero charge. A fully charged battery is critical to the proper operation of any new vehicle.