elden ring extra large

I am a paid member of the FromSoft fan club. I’ve been playing these games since Demon’s Souls, my favorite game is Bloodborne, and I’ve written pages and pages of the studio’s intricate, interwoven mechanic and narrative design. So my expectation from Elden Ring – especially after the comments came out, phwoar – was that this might be a highlight of my warped life.

Elden Ring is really a great game. I’ve spent many nights now wandering the lands in between, delighted to discover vast new territories, caves fading away in the folds of the landscape, and climbing up a hill to be met by the wonderful spectacle of “WTF Is This Thing”. You’ve hit several bearers of Great Runes, a bunch of little bosses, what look like dozens of corrupt tree spirits, and then something never happened before in Soulsborne. I got bored.