Elden Ring fans are on a quest to find the place of drunk NPCs in search of secrets

Screenshot from Lance McDonald's Elden Ring video depicting the distorted haze of their dreams crafting the Lands Between's favorite liqueur, Dreambrew.

pointed souls Youtube Lance MacDonald Discover some intoxicating content that has been cut elden ringThe final build is somewhat late in development from its appearance. By working with another YouTuber named Sekiro Dobe, the two restored a surprisingly comprehensive mechanic removed from FromSoftware that made you collect dreams to make alcohol. Hello, the lands in between is a sad place. Everyone can use a drink or two Numb pain after getting bodied by Starscourge Radahn again.

Sekiro Dubi, a YouTuber who uploaded videos to FromSoft games, posted a video over the weekend of “Content Cut Feature” from elden ring found in Network test version from the game. The feature was all about collecting ‘Dream Mist’, a mist-like cloud emanating from creatures, using the item removed from the Saint Trina crystal ball. To illustrate how the mechanic works, Sekiro Dubi went on to fulfill the dreams of many unconscious beings including Those dirty wild octopuses at limgrave.

MacDonald reviewed the differences in the network beta version of the game versus the final version, where remnants of features and game stories can still be spotted. For example, the Stormhill Shack in Stormhill was formerly called Scavenger’s Shack, except for the older version a monk named Reeling Rico occupied the hut before Roderika sat there. Riku was quite an alcoholic and eagerly hoped that she would help him make “Dreambro,” a forbidden drink known as “the nectar of demigods.” Practically speaking, this alcoholic drink consists of at least two dream mists that can be used to “reveal someone’s deepest secrets”.

Talk to Riku and he’ll give you the Saint Trina crystal ball, an item used to collect dream mists from sleeping beings. As shown in the McDonald’s video, there were supposed to be soundly asleep creatures dotting the grounds overnight with dream mists hovering over them. Collecting the mists of their dreams with the crystal ball and returning to Rico, the alcoholic monk in Scavenger’s Shack would give you one bottle of Dreambrew, which would then unlock new dialogue options if you offered the drink to some NPC. For example, if you give the drink you dream about Merchant Kali at Elie Church, he joked about being an “honest merchant of good standing” before accepting the dream drink and expelling him immediately after drinking it. The lightweight ended up being a horrifying nightmare about a fire burning his eyeballs as you stood right next to him, a nod to something larger lore that includes the Flame of Frenzy and the story of all the merchants. Talk about deep and dark secrets.

MacDonald said Kotaku Via Twitter messages assigned by members of a community modifies the Discord server souls The games revealed many aspects of this truncated content in front of him. I’ve used all this research and reverse engineering elden ring To tie the task line back together.

“I jailbreak my PlayStation 4 which allowed me to create a network test backup,” MacDonald said. “I hacked it to remove network scans among many other things through similar methods.”

Trina, for what it’s worth, is a somewhat obscure character in the game, who mostly only appears in relation to sleep-related items like this one. But like all things elden ringThere is a strong suggestion in this video that the Trina might simply be in some kind of different dimension or something. It also seems that you can see remnants of truncated content all over the place, especially when it comes to Seluvis mission lines that focus on potions.

This is not the only part of the cut content elden ring Players they find, I’m sure it won’t be the last. So far, perhaps the most ridiculous thing is A pair of underwear removed The data is processed through various hacks. There’s no telling what other secrets the lands among the trees hide, and perhaps getting NPCs drunk over some dream brew would have spilled tea.