Elden Ring player notices shocking details after 200 hours of gameplay

An Elden Ring player notices horrific details hidden in the game’s background and soundscape after 200 hours of allotted playing time.

Melania of the Elden Ring holds her arm against a red background in the foreground of the game.

elden ring It takes place in an incredibly in-depth open world environment that is completely full of hidden secrets that must be discovered. While the game is noticeably more fantasy and less focused on horror than previous FromSoftware Soulsborne games, some of these mysteries are still more terrifying than others. One elden ring A player recently noticed a supernatural secret hidden in the noise surrounding the game about 200 hours after starting to play.

Some elden ringThe game mechanics make it feel like a horror game, especially the bloodstain system that allows players to see how other players have died. However, other sources of fear within the game come from the complex soundscape and terrifying enemy designs. However, others arise from the complex and often troubling themes that appear in the game’s narrative.

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Redditor finnasforealus recently shared a post showing a short video of himself walking around in a elden ringIts grassy plains at night are surrounded by crucified figures. Interestingly, the figures seem to let out horrific screams every few seconds, even though they do not react to external stimuli such as being attacked. In the accompanying text, the user stated that he had been playing the game for 200 hours before noticing crucified corpses screaming in the night.

Close examination reveals that the crucified bodies appear to have been dead from long ago – perhaps among the first victims in the long conflict that has marred the “lands in between”. However, death can be a complicated case in FromSoftware titles and elden ring It appears to be no exception. If some bosses could have been fought well after their death, it’s possible that these crucifixion victims weren’t completely devoid of the mortal coil either. Unlike the game’s living bosses, crucified bodies appear helpless and immobile, unable to do anything but scream. Twitter user Lance MacDonald noted that the screams did not appear to come from the corpses; It fills the air around them.

As of this writing, there appear to be a number of others elden ring Fans also didn’t realize where the screaming came from until a while back in the game. One user explained that they assumed the noise was coming from an island in the swamp, while one user assumed it was part of the background sound scene. Finnasforealus expressed his surprise when he learned that screaming could be heard all the way from the first Site of Grace. This ubiquity may explain why some did not realize that the screams had a definite source.

elden ring Now released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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