Elden Ring was not popular in other eras, such as the 1920s, because video games did not exist at that time

elden ring, the latest action-adventure video game from veteran developers from From Software, is taking the world by storm. Despite the steep difficulty curve and limited interpretations, it’s a surprisingly fun experience, with death and discovery behind every corner! But it was virtually impossible to predict that the game would have achieved such a hit, or even a hit at all; In fact, most analysts – at least those who heard about it before its release – predicted that the game would be a huge failure. So what’s the deal?

Well, it turns out that elden ringIts success is a product of its microenvironment. People were tired of being beaten up in their real lives, so they turned to the artificial world to be defeated there instead. Between COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, the years after Donald Trump’s presidency, and the rise of NFTs, there was really no other period of time in which this game could have worked. I mean seriously, let’s think about it.

what if elden ring It came out in the eighties? The graphics will be awesome and hard to understand, with incredibly weird combat on arcade hardware. Not to mention that people would want to go out and hang out with people, or they would complain about reganomics, which was very popular at the time. Without the pandemic, it’s hard to imagine people spending their time indoors, doing boss battles and polishing their personalities in the vast world of Limgrave. Who is there to look for? In the ’80s, video games were full of working-class heroes like Mario to hook up with, while elden ring Just despair. elden ring It will definitely be flipping.

what if elden ring Got out in the twenties? In the 1920s, video games didn’t even exist. People won’t even know what to do with the disc, and if the game launches with PS5 and TV so people can play it, they won’t even know what it is. Not unlike the audience in this short film as the train approaches the station who thought they were going to hit a train, players in the 1920s tried elden ring He might think that they are literally transported to the terrifying game land of monsters and killing. Players assumed that the game had come to Earth from the depths of Hell, and were dismissive of the gameplay as “boring” and “too difficult”. There is no way to see the game succeed.

what if elden ring Came out in the 2100s? in the twenty-first century, elden ring You will feel incredibly dated. If the game came out in that time period rather than exactly in 2022, fans would dismiss it as old news. All the video games of the 21st century will be virtual reality games that are so expendable that they feel like they are taking over your life and you forget while playing that you are even someone playing a video game. Gamers will get confused even by the idea of ​​sitting on the sofa, holding the controller, and looking at the TV screen, which will undoubtedly be a technology that no longer exists. Instead of television, we’ll be streaming entertainment directly into our brains, and instead of sofas, we’ll have mini mechanical suits we wear at all hours of the day that help us sit, stand, walk and sleep. release elden ring In this period of time it would be like launching a stone slab from the ancient days of mankind, and would likely make very little money.

At the end of the day, I think we can all agree on that elden ring I got out at the exact right time. And I’m glad she did, because I already have nearly 150 hours of playing! I’m still stuck with the game’s last boss, the horrifying Godrick the Grafted, but once I’m done with that, I’ll be looking forward to the next game COVID-19 brings me on a platter.