Elon Musk Speaking at the Tesla Giga Texas Cyber ​​Rodeo: Updates and Details

As everyone settles into Tesla’s Cyber ​​Rodeo to hear Elon Musk talk at Giga Texas, expectations are high in the air. The Tesla community is eager and excited to hear about any updates and details that Elon Musk will announce to the world at the Giga Texas Cyber ​​Rodeo.

Welcoming Elon Musk on stage, the drones depict Nikola Tesla, the inventor after whom the company is named. The drones also depicted a Cyber ​​Rodeo sign. Later, the drone display formed an image of a moving vehicle, which turned out to be the Model Y. The drones then formed a Cybertruck outline in the sky, a few image in the Cyber ​​Rodeo you’ll forget.

And of course, in true Elon fashion, Tesla didn’t forget to highlight the community’s love for The Doge with drones. The Tesla hedgehog also appeared during the drone show.

After the drone show, Tesla showed a short clip of the Tesla Model Y “herd” running through the grounds of Giga Texas along with a horse and its rider.

The video was cut with the arrival of Elon Musk, arriving in style in the original Tesla Roadster – the car that started it all.

Below are Elon Musk’s comments from the Giga Texas Cyber ​​Rodeo title.

“We’ll talk about the past, the present and the future,” Elon Musk told the crowd, showing off the first car ever built by Tesla: the Roadster.

“When we first started Tesla,” he said, “I thought we had – optimistically – a 10% chance of success.” He thanked the Tesla team for their hard work and contributed to the company’s current success for them.

Musk lists all of the products Tesla offers, including its solar products. He declared that two-thirds of American electric cars are Tesla cars.

Musk highlighted the achievements of the Tesla AI team. It was announced that Tesla was aiming to launch a large-scale FSD beta in North America this year.

“Space in California was running out,” Musk said. “And we needed a place to grow big. There is no place like Texas,” he said, thanking the state and especially Travis County.

Musk revealed that the Tesla Giga Texas would be taller than the Burj Khalifa if the factory were to turn on its side. In his classic Elon Musk, CEO said the total hamster population could reach 194 billion in Giga Texas.

Elon Musk declared that “this building is the most advanced automobile factory ever built,” once again putting forth the idea that Tesla’s factories are a product in their own right.

Musk noted that Tesla is building its own cells in Giga Texas, a long-awaited 4,680 cells. He proudly stated that the Austin plant could be one of the largest cell factories in the world.

“The raw materials are in there, a bunch of things happen, and they go out of business,” Musk said, describing the simplified version of Tesla’s main operations. He added that Tesla plans to produce the Cybertruck in Austin next year.

“I can’t wait to have this baby. [Cybertruck] Musk hung around the electric truck.

Musk also stated that the Giga Texas plant would be the most “volume” plant in America. He stated that Tesla will seek to control 20% of the car market in the long term.

“We are going to move on a really massive scale,” Elon Musk said sarcastically. He also hinted at Robotaxi’s fleet, describing it as futuristic and significantly different from other Tesla offerings. Musk also spoke of Optimus.

Tesla plans to produce the V1 Optimus, Cybertruck and next-generation Roadster and Semi next year.

Later Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen appeared with the Cybertruck. Elon Musk noted the lack of handles on the Cybertruck. He apologized for the delay in producing the car, though both the CEO and chief design officer assured the public that the Cybertruck was worth the wait.

And with that, Elon Musk kicks off the Cyber ​​Rodeo party! This was followed by several minutes of fireworks.

(credit: Tesla)

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Elon Musk Speaking at the Tesla Giga Texas Cyber ​​Rodeo: Updates and Details