Free PS Plus games for April 2022 are in trouble

PS Plus Subscribers can access three new games this month which are Hood: Outlaws and Legends, Slay the Spire, And SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Moisturizer. Sure, these games have their fans on their own, but they don’t land well collectively among PS Plus users for a variety of reasons. slay the spire It’s probably the best of the bunch, but many will steer clear of it due to its card-based nature.

In general, PS Plus subscribers seem not happy with this month’s pick, and 2022 itself has been an odd year for the service so far. The January and March matches were warmly received, but the February and April matches were heavily criticized. No one can really guess what the games will be like month after month, but perhaps even more so than in February, it looks like the April 2022 PS Plus free games are stuck in a sticky situation. If they indicate a lower overall quality of service, the reason may be fairly obvious. What’s not clear, however, is how this will affect future games on the service as well.

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PS Plus focus may shift away from free games

ps plus games free April 2022

This is all just guesswork, but the reason these games are on a lackluster end may be the upcoming changes to the service. Sony recently announced that it’s creating new tiers for the PS Plus subscription, with the last tier giving fans access to a library of more than 700 games across PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 platforms, and those changes will start relatively soon: June 2022. That’s incredibly cool. For fans who would have liked to play these older titles, but it might be at a cost beyond the subscription price.

If Sony is more interested in its free game library and higher levels of service, the base PS Plus category will likely suffer. Free PS Plus games for April 2022 could be the blueprint for what fans can expect each month. It seems useful that this library is mostly games from older platforms, but there will be major titles such as back And Spider-Man: Miles Morales Also available at higher levels. With that in mind, it’s possible that the quality of core PS Plus games will drop to make up for the new levels. Doing so will encourage consumers, after all, to choose the higher tier, rather than just own the basic tier.

Free monthly PS Plus games in exchange for a large library

PlayStation Now subscribers can upgrade to PS Plus Premium for free

This is not without precedent either. Given the service’s major competition, the free monthly games with Gold haven’t been “well received” for quite some time. There are a lot of variables here, but the huge Xbox Game Pass library has made many forget all about games with gold. Game Pass quickly defined the late Xbox One era and early Xbox Series X era, while the selection of games offered was influenced by gold each month.

The base tier of PS Plus can fall by the wayside just like games with gold. From a business perspective, it makes sense to pay for PS Plus Premium subscriptions at the basic level as it equates to more earnings. There are a lot of differences between PS Plus Premium and Game Pass, but on the surface, it’s a large library of games for only a few monthly offers. The Xbox ecosystem has proven just how popular and successful the game library is on the monthly select, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the same could happen on PlayStation consoles.

Again, there are a lot of variables. This makes it difficult to determine whether or not these additional levels will have a negative impact on your monthly free PS Plus games. If it’s based on the April 2022 free PS Plus games (heading for the PS Plus Premium launch in June 2022), any concern is understandable. Now, there may be other factors that affected the quality of these games, which is something that fans are not aware of. Or, April could be a taste of what it’s like to Sony pushing PS Plus Premium to the bottom. Once these levels are official, then any shifts in the quality of the monthly offerings are most noticeable, and at this point, they are likely to be relevant.

PS Plus Subscribers usually get a few free games each month.

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