Halo Infinite Nerfs Mangler after a complaint from professional players

Spartan uses a man to run and sprints through the streets in Halo Infinite.

screenshot: 343 industries

That sound you hear? That low buzz, that constant wailing? It’s an epitaph infinite aura fans all over the world. Developed 343 Industries will soon bring out the best weapon in multiplayer shooter, fulfilling a long-standing demand of first-class players – and fulfilling their desires.

the missing, It is new in the series No final, arguably one of the game’s best weapons in PvP mode. Not only is the Mangler a powerful firearm (two shots to the body plus a headshot kills). It has a small blade mounted on the barrel, which seriously increases engagement damage; Shoot someone right before slapping them, and you’ll kill, turning the thing into a bona fide hunting rifle at point blank range. Additionally, Mangler shares a restore point with the relatively weaker Plasma Pistol, reappearing on the map every 30 seconds or so, ensuring that it basically always works.

In the wake of infinite aurasudden release, Mangler sparked heated controversy. The pros hated it so badly, some players and teams advocated decreasing the stinging power, or at least increasing the cooldown time. But ordinary players backed out. They said the boss was as fun as using hell, isn’t that the point? Cue the memes (and the pesky tweets).

“I may be in the minority here when I say that I love scammers. However, in their present condition, they are completely overpowered,” Jennifer “Echidna” Halprofessional Hello Player and Creator for eUnitedTell Kotaku. “It encourages camping and easy deals with the single-shot hit mechanic, has a generous amount of ammo, and is frequently repeated.”

He said “something we have to give” Alexander “Shyway” Hopea Hello Esports host and content creator. “Either they raise it to a mid-tier level to make it more powerful, or they reduce its ammo and availability, or they reduce it.”

The developers went with the latter – kind of. about infinite auraSeason 2, which will add new maps and gameplay tweaks early next month, has 343 plans to reduce melee damage by 10 percent across the board, a change detailed in Lengthy blog post They are released at the exact hour Banks and government agencies tend to publish press releases whenever they want to bury major flaws (6pm on Friday). Effectively, this nullifies the Mangler’s best feature. Right now you can grab a playmaker and deliver a knockout with a bullet and a punch, or whatever is known in between Hello Players as “one hit.” (The Bulldog rifle, which takes longer to revive than the cannon, also has a one-shot defeat.) After the season two fix, though, you’ll need two shots and a punch – “hit a shot.”

“My biggest misfortune with the prankster is the one-hit. With his 343 tuning, so he’s a two-shot hit instead, I’m more satisfied with him being on the map,” said Hal, pointing to infinite auraThe quick drop tactic as a reason the impending Marie Antoinette-Inge wouldn’t be as shocking as it sounds.

at infinite aura, marginally, almost imperceptibly faster to drop a weapon than to switch between both equipped weapons. You can explode the opponent’s armor with two body shots from your commander, then drop it and immediately go to your combat rifle for a quick headshot, for which you will earn the “Catch This” medal. Currently, among the high-level plays, “hold this” is the definition. Hull said the upcoming changes should not upend this strategy. (As someone who’s become fond of this move lately: Hell yeah.)

But amid the changes, one weapon will remain the same: the battle rifle. Yes, approx Each weapon melee attack is reduced by 10 percent. However, the battle rifle bash remains the same. However, in downplaying the changes for Season 2, 343 only explicitly indicated that the battle gun battle would remain the same for ranked matches, so it’s unclear whether or not the broader reduction will apply to non-competitive social playlists as well. 343 Industries declined to comment for this story.

So the situation is twofold: the least preferred weapon among professional players is to have a noticeable loss of strength. Meanwhile, the pro player’s favorite weapon for two decades is still as powerful as ever. All this contributes to natural meaning The upcoming changes are lab designed to please professionals. (infinite auranext career event marquee, The HCS Major Kansas Citydrops the weekend before season two begins.)

“Even when modifying the mangler to a two-stroke, I’d say it still has an advantage in close quarters [over the battle rifle]Hope said, noting that he’s not a big fan of any potential Battle Rifle change out of Ranked Mode. “Globally, BR is in a good place, it’s challenging enough to beat two goals that it shouldn’t be adjusted in social media, but I think we’ll see.”

I played is yours From infinite aura For the past five months, and that’s where I’ve also found myself largely, if I had more fear: “We’ll see.”

At first, I was concerned about the idea of ​​losing Mangler weight. I am what you would describe as a “middle strength” player, and I’ve come not only to love the defender, but I often rely on him. Why should a handful of top players drive decision-making for a larger base of players? And if 343 Industries is great at tweaking a single gun in social playlists but potentially leaving it unchanged for ranked mode, why not leave the game maker unchanged in non-competitive playlists as well? Let people have their cake!

But now, I trust 343 to make the right decisions for her infinite aurasand. On technical excursions this past summer, the Commando—a shield-demolition automatic weapon with a mid-range range—was a blast to use. It was also, you have to admit, ridiculously overpowered. But for the November launch No final, 343 commando kick kicked, making it too erratic to be effective in close combat. (PSA: Shooting in controlled bursts.) At every turn throughout the first season, from Critical outrage over expensive cosmetics to me Very reasonable anger about a particular hated map, 343 Industries absorbed the feedback and instituted changes that were well received. There is no reason to believe that this nerf would be any different.

In other words: we’ll see.

Spartan uses a rocket launcher on Behemoth in Halo Infinite.

343 Industries realizes that the missile launcher’s scattering damage is unpredictable, but has not identified any changes.
screenshot: 343 industries

In addition, the mangler is by no means the only weapon that sees reform. The Cannon – a portable cannon that shoots balls of fire – will see an increase in its “baseline” damage, although it’s not yet clear how much. And throughout the early stages of the season, 343 says he’ll be interested in performing three “underperforming” weapons to see if they can benefit from a similar increase in the aftermath of the man’s dethronement: commandos, firing pulse rifles (whose projectiles move more slowly than Jared Leto on set Morbius), and a plasma pistol (Dear 343, please turn the thing into a headshot machine In the Hello Displays).

These are all small steps infinite auraThe path it took a full decade to achieve the perfect balance, indicative of a careful development studio that wanted to make sure every tweak, no matter how small, was the perfect pitch before rolling out an additional wave of changes.

“I don’t think this change is unreasonable. I understand that some Hello “The players just want to have fun, balance is not a concern,” Hope said. “Unfortunately, I think the biggest issue is the lack of game modes, custom game options, or things like a dedicated game browser to let people experience the game as they want, hitting their hearts content once.”