Halo Infinite’s “Scorpion Rifle” Exploit Is Leaving Season Two

Weapon perched on the Master Chief's shoulder while Zeta Halo looms in the background in Halo Infinite concept art.

picture: 343 industries

next month, infinite aura he is New content is welcome for its second season. But for all the upcoming multiplayer maps, modes, and cosmetics, developer 343 Industries takes something out of the campaign: the scorpion gun.

The inclusion of the Scorpion pistol, also referred to as the “tank gun”, made for something of a major loophole in the infinite auracampaign, which was released last December for Xbox and PC and is the first in the series to feature some kind of open world structure. Basically, early on, you pick up a portable version of the Scorpion tank destroyer gun, and wreak havoc on Banished. Game designers from 343 recently said IGN His inclusion in the game was unintentional, a relic from the prototypes.

For now, if you want to use the scorpion gun, you can still – after you’ve made your way to the “open” part of the infinite auraopen world. There is an anti-aircraft gun overlooking the enemy base. Interacting with it gives you a scorpion gun. You won’t see a prompt to pick it up, as you would with a regular weapon, but the thing is. Take one of your weapon slots. It has unlimited ammo. Kill most enemies with one hit. It has more splash damage than most weapons in the game. You can probably imagine how useful such a weapon is For speed riders And for people looking to complete ‘LASO’ rounds (a quick race through the campaign at the highest difficulty with all skulls turned on or gameplay modifiers).

“Get ready for speed chasers and achievement hunters – the tank cannon bug in the campaign will be fixed in season two,” Hello Senior Community Manager John Junyszek Posted on Twitter last week. “Feel free to do whatever you want with this information.”

For the most part, the Hello Society has done with this piece of information what it does with most information: scream into the void.

A Halo Infinite player looks at a scorpion in the cabin of a Halo Infinite vehicle on Xbox Series X.

“It is so much fun to play,” said one of the players with regret One of the loudest posts employment Hellosubreddit from last week. In response to Junyszek’s original remarks, This move was strongly criticized by playersHe called it a “tone deaf”, a “bad decision” and a “wrong call”.

As some have pointed out infinite aura There’s no shortage of “real” glitches negatively impacting the game, so they see it as a small slap in the face for development resources to allocate toward something that doesn’t harm other players, for all intents and purposes. Most fans just want to use it to blast NPCs. It’s not like players are using it online to make dozens of easy kills. (This is what Mangler did.) And if the 343 really wanted to nullify it as an easy way to earn trophies, players suggested that it could just introduce a rule where picking up a scorpion gun meant you couldn’t make any achievements.

Finally, the decision to remove the inadvertent campaign money weapon caused a group of players to ask pressing questions such as “…why?” and “Why is this?”

When reached for comment, 343 Industries representatives didn’t immediately have anything to add.

Notable members of infinite auraThe sprint and bug-hunting communities have made an impact. Generalkidd, popular Hello The YouTube, 343 companies urged industries to reverse its decision. My favorite idea comes from Remy “Mint Blitz,” a Hello player known to break No final In all kinds of fun ways — like Launching himself across the map grappling hook – who suggested that the 343 keep the scorpion pistol but Move it to another location on the game’s open world mapforcing the community to try to find it again.

it’s not like that infinite auraThe scorpion rifle is not supported by historical precedent. for the year 2004 Halo 2you can findscarab gun“In the rafters of an early game level. Although it looked like a standard-issue plasma gun, it fired the cannon from the tanks of the Scarab Castle penetrating the Reign’s city – a steady stream of lime green energy that pretty much destroyed everything that hit it.” In terms of payload, it was like carrying a machine gun that unleashed a constant stream of miniature nuclear weapons and never ran out of ammo.Fun stuff!

When Halo 2 The remaster came a decade later, the scarab rifle hadn’t been patched.

So I find myself pretty much the same with the “why is this?” camp. Certainly, modern times Hello You might be neater and tidy with all those edges sanded down. But it is much less interesting.