Here’s how to get the most out of Apple’s Photos app on iPhone

While you may love or hate the Photos app on iPhone, it’s where all your photos end up either way. With iCloud capabilities, it’s an easy way to keep track of your photos across your Apple ecosystem. As the iPhone camera continues to make a name for itself, professional and amateur photographers alike continue to crawl to Apple to capture their memories.

Here is a guide to help you better understand your iPhone’s Photos app.

All in your “library”

When you’re in your library, you can view your photos by years, months, or days. If you want to view everything in your library, you can select All Pictures. As someone who doesn’t keep many photos, I find it easiest to see all of my photos this way.

Within the app, there are endless ways to improve your experience. Select a photo and go to the share button in the lower left corner. Scroll down and you will find a long list of actions. Here you can hide the photo, create a slideshow, broadcast to another device, create a watch face, or even print. There are more specific actions you can take such as modifying the date, time or location of the photo, or assigning it to one of your contacts. With so much to do in the app, it reduces the need to use other photo apps.

Pro tip: Do you know the three finger method to cut, copy or paste photos on your iPhone?

Relive the past under the heading “For you”

See special memories and review your year in the For You tab. You can personalize your memories by naming them something else or even tag your memories about a specific person. At the bottom, you will find photos that have been shared with you from other iOS users. It would look like, ‘Who [insert contact name]. “

Organize with “Albums”

Albums are a great way to organize your photos based on topic, photo type, etc. To create an album, select the plus sign in the top left corner of the screen. You can either create a new album, create a new folder, or create an album to share with other iPhone users. To delete an album, go to the Albums tab at the bottom and select “Edit” in the top right corner of the screen. A red minus sign will appear in the corner of each album. Click the minus sign next to the album you want to delete.

people and places

The app uses facial recognition to track who’s in your photos. The cool thing is that you can click on someone’s photo and see all your photos with them in one place. You can assign their profile to a contact or give them a private name.

The Places feature captures the geo-location of your photos (those taken with your phone). There’s even a map that you can scroll through to see where to take certain photos.

Media types

Media types divide your photo library into categories. For example, I can see that I have eight videos, 24 selfies, 11 photos taken in live mode, four photos taken in portrait mode, and 12 screenshots. This will be especially useful for those with large libraries who are looking for certain image types. It eliminates the hassle of having to scroll through a huge amount of photos, especially if you can’t remember exactly what you’re looking for.


Under Utilities, you will find images that have been AirDropped for you under ‘Imports’. You can also find any hidden photos and the ones that were recently deleted. Photos and videos under Recently Deleted will take up to 40 days to be removed from Photos forever.

“Search” through your group

Searching is like Google within your app where you can type to search for images of specific locations, people, categories, etc. Search Recently will keep track of your search history in case you don’t want to forget the photos you were looking for earlier.

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How do you use the Photos app?

What do you think of the Photos app on the iPhone? Are you using another app? Any other tips to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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