How ‘Destiny 2’ Can Improve Actual Fit

While I’ve had a lot of fun with my glaives since Destiny 2 made me make them during the Witch Queen campaign, I can’t argue with that (a) there’s really only one glaive that’s fine, The Enigma, and B) glaives aren’t a playable definitive game. for life, or at least not better than its remote alternatives.

Destiny 2 is about to drop a big sand swab on us for next season, with some notes coming out next week during TWAB, hopefully there’s something in there about the glaives, and how they’re polished, because they’re already actually fluttering At least once this season with changes in the glaive funnel. And speaking of glaive funnels, this mod will wear out at the end of the season, which will make the bottles less viable than before. Not perfect.

So, how is glass polished? I will list a lot of possible options below. I do not expect everyone These suggestions should be used simultaneously, because stacking them all together would probably make OP’s glaives very fast, but these are the kinds of things I’ve noticed when using glaives that I’d really like to see changed.

projectile velocity – The improved pulse amplifier on The Enigma is the only reason I ever really use this thing, the ballistics feel glaive distasteful without him. This is how quickly projectiles should feel at baseline, as there should be a significant velocity increase for them without the need for an Impulse (which can’t roll on any other glyph at the moment).

No reload – This might be a pretty wild proposition, but maybe we don’t have to reload the glaive? Melee weapon reloading looks basically stupid in the first place, and we don’t do it with swords, so why glass?

Brawl damage perks It remains illogical that many damage privileges do not apply to actual engagement damage. Rampage and Rampage should increase the damage not only of the projectile, but the actual damage caused by missile engagements, which is not currently the case.

melee energy – If we keep the shield and power generation system, the glaive should gain at least some amount of power on melee and kill strikes. Probably less than the projectiles, but Something.

Alien – All three of these need to be reworked more or less from top to bottom in order not to be three of the worst weapons in the game. Charging power, then reloading, then switching mode, then taking a shot to activate a uniquely weird feature is a clumsy thing and feels bad. These badly need to be simplified and tend to be OP rather than absurdly weak and illogical to use or waste an odd slot.

Protection from fungal damage – While I know that glaives have a shield that allows you to get close to enemies that would otherwise kill you, it certainly won’t last long, and basically, in high-level content, it’s just pure suicide to be in “glaive range” most of the time. Using a glaive should give you some kind of protection from basic damage, so you won’t be instantly detonated the second you try to hit something. Swords have always had this problem to some extent, but swords are also heavy and don’t try to compete with fusions, snipers, and shotguns. To make your glaive your own, it needs the right boosts to make it viable even a little bit until the end of the game over the other options.

Look, I think glass is fun. I enjoyed taking Enigma through the Legendary Campaign. But part of that was with augmentations like the glaive’s funnel to make it more useful, I still had to use any of the other 4 bottles to any meaningful capacity because aliens are too bad and Lubrae’s Ruin’s Amplifier can’t roll.

Just saying, I hope we see a big glaive Buff section in the patch preview next week. Other than that, we’ll see a whole lot of bottles pouring straight into the trash once the next season starts.

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