How to make your old iPhone feel refurbished again with 4 super simple tricks

Your old iPhone may still have some life – so don’t upgrade just yet.

If you’ve had an iPhone for a few years, there are a few clever tricks to make it feel like new again.

Get an Apple battery swap

Your iPhone uses a lithium-ion battery that has a limited life.

Every time you discharge and charge your iPhone, you are consuming the maximum battery capacity.

Over the course of two years (or about 500 charge cycles), about 80% of the battery capacity is expected to remain.

This means that an iPhone that would have lasted for 10 hours of use will now only live for 8 hours off a charge.

You can check the health of your battery by going to Settings > Battery and tapping on Battery Health.

If your iPhone has a very low battery and is dying very quickly, there is an easy fix.

You can get an out-of-warranty replacement battery from Apple for $69. This is a much cheaper option than buying a new iPhone.

Update your iPhone

Updating your iPhone is a surefire way to make your device feel fresh quickly.

You’ll get brand new features, some new interface designs, and a new set of iPhone wallpapers as well.

Best of all: it’s completely free.

Just go to Settings > General > Software Update and upgrade within minutes.

If you find that you cannot update to the latest iOS version because your iPhone is too old, that’s a big problem.

This means that you no longer get the latest security fixes – which puts you at risk of hacking attacks.

So the lack of software updates should be the deadline to upgrade to a newer iPhone model.

Find the list of unsupported iPhones here.

Every time you discharge and charge your iPhone, you are consuming the maximum battery capacity.
Every time you discharge and charge your iPhone, you are consuming the maximum battery capacity.
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Organize your apps

If you’ve had an iPhone for a while, you likely have dozens or even hundreds of apps.

With the number of apps rising, it’s easy for home screen pages to get out of hand.

One trick is to hide the home screen pages.

This means that you can have a more organized experience, while still being able to find all your apps.

All thanks to the iOS 14 app library, which means having a home screen full of apps is no longer necessary.

For a start, you now have a permanent app library if you scroll all the way to the right of your home screen.

This is where all of your apps are stored, automatically organized into their own categories.

So if you have any apps on your hidden home screen pages, they will still be visible in your app library.

Hiding the home screen page is simple.

First, make sure that any apps you want to hide are stored on a home screen page that you are happy to hide as well.

Then hold your finger on the home screen until the app icons start to vibrate.

Next, click on the bubble with dots inside it at the bottom of the screen – the one that shows the page you’re on.

This will take you to the main screen view which allows you to hide individual pages – by ‘unchecking’ them.

Once done, just tap Done in the top right corner.

These pages are not gone forever, and they are perfectly preserved until the next time you want to unhide them.

Of course, you can also leave it hidden forever as well.

You can still find hidden apps without going into the app library.

Just use the iPhone search bar (swipe down) or ask Siri.

Also consider placing any apps you have on the Home screen into folders.

Drag them on top of each other to create categories, such as “Games” or “Fitness”.

Make sure all your apps are up to date as well, to get the latest designs and latest features.

To do this, go to the App Store and then click on your profile picture in the upper right.

Now scroll down and click on Update All to get the latest software versions for your apps.

Get a new iPhone case

This may sound silly, but it is one of the best ways to instantly improve your iPhone.

If you have had an iPhone for a while, it is likely that it has some damage.

And you’ll look at the same iPhone color for a while, too.

To make her feel fresh, consider getting a nice slim bag in a completely different color and look.

This will hide and blemishes, and instantly make your gadget look new.

And once you get bored of it, you can switch to something else.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is reproduced here with permission.