How we’re going to steal a Toyota GR Corolla: step-by-step guide

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next week , New York International Auto Show Rolling into a small town called, aptly, New York. It promises thousands of square feet full of new cars, one-off concepts, and huge segments of electric vehicle “manufacturers” that no one has ever seen trying to portray themselves as real businesses. This year, however, there is an interesting development: the 2022 Toyota GR Corolla is coming to New York.

We will steal it. Here’s how.

Photo of the article How We Going To Steal Toyota GR Corolla: A Step-by-Step Guide

picture: Toyota

The reasons for stealing the GR Corolla are simple: It’s control, and everyone on the staff wants it. We’ve already worked on an internal engagement calendar, where many Jalops can call dibs on the property for different days. It will be stored somewhere far away and safe, but so far no one has complained about having to put it back in place.

However, for the actual theft, an important piece of information is missing: we don’t know where the Corolla will actually be He is Inside the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Based on floor plans already released, there are two potential places Toyota could put the Corolla. This means that we need two robbery plans.

Photo of the article How We Going To Steal Toyota GR Corolla: A Step-by-Step Guide

First plan: Crystal Palace

Of the two Toyota sites for the show, I’m willing to bet that the GR Corolla will likely end up at the Crystal Palace in Javits Center. You can see it in the lower left of the floor plan, which is a huge, transparent set of glass and scaffolding that can perfectly illustrate every curve of the Corolla for show-goers. It can also lead to quite simple theft.

The Crystal Palace, conveniently, opens directly to the outside world. It has two front entrances, one of which is actually level with 11th Street outside. Our media passes will give us entry, and Andy Kalmowitz’s travel-induced sleep deprivation on Day Two of the Press will be a leak for us. Toyota reps will engage in conversation, then fake it out (or maybe actually pass out, it’ll keep running) very Lack of sleep) distracting anyone who is insuring the car. Eric will start separating the crowds, and then the fun begins.

Brilliant, yet porous

Brilliant, yet porous
picture: Jim.henderson, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Commons Wikimedia

Getting the Corolla from its holder to the door will be the easy part. It is quite possible that the car already has a small amount of fuel in the tank, left over from the buns that it performed during operation Her first appearance in Long Beach. If not, sneaking a small bowl through the rear loading dock should be trivial – at least compared to what’s to come.

So we have a car inside, a road outside, and a few precious feet in between. The problem is what at Those feet: a number of obstacles specifically intended to hold cars Outsidebut this will also serve to keep the GR Corolla at. The first is the doors themselves, which is a fairly simple matter. It seems that all of them Standard 64″ wide double doorHowever, the bars separating them are not an integral part of the Crystal Palace’s structure. Small explosive charges placed just above and below one door barrier will give us a way to escape from the building aboard the Corolla, where we will face the next challenge: the farmers.

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screenshot: Google Maps

Do you see those shiny, shiny plants in front of the Crystal Palace? They are installed on the ground, with the aim of preventing cars from sliding towards glass, steel and people. Unfortunately, they will also stop our car from breaking down Outsidebut there is a simple solution: We move the planter. With the city bus. I can explain, but it will take some math.

These cultivators are just over twice as wide standard pass barrelwhich means that they are likely to be similar 60″ concrete barriers Just wrapped in metal. These weigh 3,470 pounds, which we’ll round up to 3,500 to account for dirt and vegetation. If the base is concrete, and not covered with metal, we look at the coefficient of friction with the pavement of 0.80 on a dry day. So, how much force do we need to pull the planter out of the way?

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picture: Steve DaSilva

This is, admittedly, a lot of power. Never fear, though: I have a plan. New York City’s Hybrid Bus Capable of Production 4,979 lb-ft of torque From a dead end. Sure, that’s not close to what we need, but remember we’re doing the conversion torque to duty – We need to handle everything between the engine and the ground.

It starts with a gearbox, and Reduction ratio 4.75:1. Then there’s the differential, which is hard to pin down exactly order but This is amazingin the middle Seems to hang around the 5:1 علامة mark. We’re now up to 118,251.25 ft-lbs of torque, which is more than enough to carry our single shaft freely.

A lot depends on the white city bus

A lot depends on the white city bus
picture: TheTransitFanNY, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Commons Wikimedia

But wait, there’s more: To remove traction from the equation, Owen and I are going to throttle the bus’s front wheels and use its rear axle as a kind of impromptu lever. By wrapping our cable around the hub, rather than the wheels, our power doubles to 709,506 pounds of force. I would say that is enough.

All we have to do is wait for the bus to stop at the nearby red light, and circle the barrier with a sign 1 1/8″ thick steel cable, and mount the other end to the rear axle of the bus. Once you pull the fender out of the way, I put the explosives into the door frame and Raff drives the GR Corolla to freedom. Simple like.

Photo of the article How We Going To Steal Toyota GR Corolla: A Step-by-Step Guide

Second plan: free flight

This is where it gets tricky. The Crystal Palace is located on the ground floor, which made it easy for our group to drive the Corolla right through the front door. But Toyota else The view, dead center from the third floor of the Javits Center (which is really one floor off the ground) is more complex. It’s surrounded by security, physically higher than the nearby streets, and likely crowded with other auto journalists. It is almost impervious.


screenshot: Google MapsAnd GIF: Steve DaSilva

The GR Corolla will be located somewhere in this area, in the middle of the middle entrance to the building. Seeing the design, Resident Owen Bellwood suggested an airport catering cart, the kind that would be lifted to meet an aircraft at the gate. It’s a good concept, but it’s too slow – security will sweep us up before the car hits the ground. No, we need something Faster – Like gravity.

Currently, there is a file 2016 Cottrell 7 Car Trailer Listed on eBay. Its general shape, flat on top but sloping down along the back, might start to give you an idea of ​​what we’re planning here. The trailer, mounted on a compression loaner truck, will be our ramp to get the GR Corolla off the second floor of the Javits Center.

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First, we brought Team Rift Thieves (again me, Andy, Ruff, and Eric) onto the show floor. Andy once again performs fake diversion duty, while Eric manages crowd control. This time, Owen is driving the truck and trailer combination, and he heads straight through the gates of that front entrance. Once inside, he starts arguing about any security approach – that’s it they Wrong, you see, to live in a country who drives on the wrong side of the road.

Once the truck is in position, it won’t be at the ideal 90-degree angle from second-floor windows. And that’s where Raff comes in – he’s the watcher, guiding me in the Corolla through the glass and toward the trailer. We only have one chance at this, so his turn is decisive: a few degrees away, and we’re not going anywhere.

Once the car lands on the trailer, it’s easy to walk up the ramp and out until sunset. In theory, of course – we’d never do that Implementation of None of these plans. Just know that if the car is mysteriously lost next week, the safe location will be outside of Ithaca. The password to enter is “Poughkeepsie”.