How you can set YouTube to always display videos with the highest image quality

How you can set YouTube to always display videos with the highest image quality

Everyone has weird quirks when it comes to the things they love to see on their smartphone. Personally, this writer wants YouTube videos to be as sharp and clear as possible. This is probably due to the OG iPhone that did not run on 3G but instead used the 2G Edge network from AT&T.

On the edge, YouTube videos were a blurry mess. With Wi-Fi, it was perfectly sharp and clear. And you can still remember buying Motorola DROID in 2009”. While looking at the device on the promotional screen and watching YouTube, a A Motorola salesperson (who happened to be inside this Verizon store in Pembroke Pines, Florida) explained how to get to the high-quality video setting that, memory recalls, wasn’t easy to find.

How to make higher image quality the default in the YouTube app

In those days, YouTube was not an app within the App Store or Android Market (as the Play Store was called at the time). These days, you need to install the YouTube app on your iOS and Android device if you want, as Apple said in its first series of iPhone ads in 2007, “endless entertainment.”

Most YouTubers don’t even bother to adjust the resolution on YouTube and are happy to set it to default, which “sets to give you the best experience for your circumstances.” This is the recommended setting but is not always the best. However, you can greatly improve the quality of the video or live stream you are watching as long as you understand that doing so will consume more data.

Those with an unlimited data plan may think they are free to stream YouTube in the highest resolution without any worries, but keep in mind that some MVNOs / prepaid tell you that you have unlimited data but only give you a certain amount of “high speed data.” But this is a story for another day (Martin, are you listening?)

So without further tuning, this is how you can change the settings on the iOS and Android YouTube apps so that the videos you watch always have a higher image quality.

First, tap on the YouTube app and the profile picture in the upper right corner. go to Settings > Video Quality Preferences. From there, you can choose the quality of the YouTube videos you’ll see on your device. Each option appears twice, once for YouTube videos viewed over mobile networks, and once for viewing over Wi-Fi.

Options include Auto (which adapts to current conditions), Higher Image Quality, and Data Saver (which provides lower image quality). This will set the default image quality when using YouTube.

You should be able to see a difference in the video quality with the higher picture quality setting

If you’re in the middle of watching a video and want to make an edit, tap the setting gear icon at the top right of the screen. Hit the Quality link and you will see the current video stream speed and not only can you choose between Auto, Higher Image Quality, and Data Saver, but there is also an additional option called Advanced that gives you a range of resolutions to choose from.

Not everyone is so special when it comes to the resolution of the videos that are streamed on YouTube. But if you are, you should be able to notice a difference in the clarity of the clips you’re watching.

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