Hunter Biden’s business looks bad. Here’s how to fix it.

According to the newspaper’s investigation, Yi asked Hunter Biden to determine whether another CEFC official was the subject of a federal investigation. This official was already under investigation by the FBI, which, according to court records, was subject to electronic monitoring. Biden, the attorney, signed an agreement to represent that official in exchange for a $1 million power of attorney. When the FBI eventually detained his client at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, the suspended CEFC executive, according to police records cited by The Post, made a call to James Biden just nine minutes later. Reuters reported in early 2018 that Yi had been arrested for questioning over suspected economic crimes. The Post reported that Ye could not be reached for comment and that the Chinese embassy would not comment on his arrest.

We may not know exactly what the executives, who are said to be affiliated with the Chinese government, think Biden could do to them. But anyone who has spent time working on counter-espionage, as I have, knows that the facts outlined in The Post’s review are not unique to the Biden family or any one political party. This scenario — the Chinese government trying to bring people closer to power or influence or to retain power and influence — repeats itself before, during, and after nearly every US election cycle, at the city, state, and federal levels. It’s all about access and influence, and if you can compromise with someone whether they have access or influence, that’s even better.

In that setting, it made perfect sense for that broker to suggest a meeting between Hunter Biden and Yee when he did. While his father was vice president, Hunter Biden was a particularly vulnerable target. As The Post described: “Biden was reeling after Hunter’s older brother, Beau, and Hunter died in May 2015 and were struggling with drug abuse. I was battling addiction,” Hunter wrote in his memoir published last year during divorce proceedings with his wife. Kathleen, described one of the lawsuits in the case as “owing debt” [that] Shocking and astounding, “a couple with maxed out credit cards, double mortgages on each of the properties they own and $313,970 in tax debts.”

If China was targeting Hunter Biden, he wasn’t the only one in their sights. In December 2020, after Hunter Biden’s business deals appeared to have expired and before his father became president, the director of national intelligence’s counterintelligence chief warned that associates of the president-elect were already being targeted by China in what he described as a “doping attack.” .”

Although Republicans are taking advantage of the situation when they demand an investigation of the entire Biden family, there is valid criticism about why it took Democrats and the various media outlets so long to admit that Hunter Biden’s problems – at least with respect to China – are real.

If China was targeting Hunter Biden, he wasn’t the only one in their sights.

Some of the delay may be due to his dealings with Ukrainian firm Burisma being used in a smear campaign against his father by Russians and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani. I have written about my concerns about this attempt to link Joe Biden to his son’s work in Ukraine, including the fact that Senator Ron Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin, was warned while leading an investigation into Hunter Biden’s connection to Burisma by the FBI that he, Johnson, had been a target of disinformation. Russian. But if we ignore the bigger picture here – that China is targeting American candidates, incumbents and their family members – we will miss the opportunity to do something about it.

From George W. Bush’s brother Neil, who was deeply involved financially with Chinese entities, to Jeb Bush’s super PAC, which profited, albeit unwittingly, from illegal Chinese contributions, to the massive “Chinagate” scandal involving the financing of repatriation. President Bill Clinton – Campaigning, China is non-partisan in its attempts to reach and political influence.

For this reason – especially with the lack of evidence of his father’s wrongdoing – we should think not so much about Hunter Biden but beyond Hunter Biden. The American voter needs greater transparency in the offshore financial dealings of candidates, their companies, and their families if we are to counter the efforts of adversaries to infiltrate political offices.

You won’t hear it from Trump sycophants who focus their eyes on Hunter Biden and his laptop. That’s because any initiative to force foreign financial disclosures would reveal some ugly truths about their man and his family. Transparency is great – unless of course you have nothing to hide. It is hypocrisy to only think of Hunter Biden.

The president’s son is under a federal investigation for possible tax violations, and he will have to bear any relevant consequences. That’s clear. What is not clear is how willing we are to talk about this in a nonpartisan manner and put in place safeguards that would make family members of our senior officials less vulnerable to being targeted by foreign actors.