Javier Pez hits the Detroit Tigers 3-1 win over the Boston Red Sox

Javier Baez took a swing.

On a 2-2 fastball from the Boston Red Sox, Ryan Brazier, the Detroit Tigers’ new shorter fielder deposited the ball into the stands behind the left field wall, and behind the Bulls’ center, in the eighth inning.

“It’s Jaffe Baez,” Tigers veteran Miguel Cabrera said. “he got it.”

Two-time homecoming Baez, who signed a six-year $140 million contract this off season, traveled 396 feet and provided a 3-1 win for the Tigers in Monday’s opener against the Red Sox at Comerica Park.

“I was focused,” Bayes said. “That’s the most important key for me, focus and trying to see the ball as much as I can. … For me, the key is to slow everything down. I can really focus or I can swing balls out of the area. Just focusing and being patient with my plan is the key.”

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