Jeremy Susan, a Baylor men’s basketball student, enters the NBA Draft

Baylor freshman Jeremy Suchan said he will enter the 2022 NBA draft and forfeit his remaining college eligibility by hiring agents, he told ESPN Friday.

“I’m lucky enough to announce the 2022 NBA draft,” Sushan, the number 14 on the ESPN 100, told ESPN.

He said he will sign with Jim Tanner and Deirunas Visockas of Tandem Sports.

A Big 12 Sixth Man of the Year, All-Big 12, Susan was an honorable mention and made the Big 12 All-Freshman’s side after averaging 9.2 points, 6.4 rebounds and 1.8 assists in 25 minutes per game last season. He helped Baylor score 27-7 and is a No. 1 NCAA Tournament, establishing himself as one of the best defenders in the college game along the way.

“This season has seen a lot of ups and downs,” Sushan said. “We were unlucky with injuries, but it was a great opportunity for me to grow and a chance to show the NBA my strength and versatility on both ends. I entered this season with intentions to improve myself and help the team win.”

Sutchan was born to an American father and a Polish mother in Oklahoma, where his parents played Division II basketball in the Panhandle State. Sushan moved to England at a young age, having spent most of his life so far there.

He was a huge hit at the FIBA ​​U16 European Championship, Division B in 2019, winning the Player of the Tournament award and leading Poland to first place. He transferred to La Lumiere School in Indiana shortly thereafter, but due to the pandemic, he chose to return to Europe, where he joined Ratiopharm Ulm in Germany in his final year. He then committed Baylor with respect to offers from Kansas, Michigan, Arizona, and others.

Susan became the youngest player in history to play for the Polish national team in the FIBA ​​Cup qualifiers in February 2021, scoring 18 points in the victory over Romania.

“I might be the only player in this recruit who has played in an American high school, in Europe versus men and in college at the NCAA level,” Susan said. “This experience has been very beneficial for me both on and off the field. I believe that my ability to work hard, learn and adapt quickly will make it easier for me to develop.”

Sushan, who is 6-foot-10, 229 pounds and has a 7-0 wingspan, played a variety of roles for Baylor, slipping between small attacking positions forward and power forward and center as injuries forced the Bears to switch and adjust formations. playing style.

Although Sushan wasn’t initially considered a sure candidate, his energy, competitiveness, defensive versatility and toughness helped him emerge as a potential Big 12 lottery pick. He was regularly tasked with switching to guards and wings in Baylor’s aggressive defensive schemes, while showing flashes Increasingly polished as a ball coach, passer and shooter that hints at the good stuff to get off the line.

“I always knew I was going to be in the NBA, whether it took a year or four,” Suchan said. “I have my own game that takes from many different players and positions. Some of the players I think I can learn a lot from are Michael Bridges, Pam Adebayo, Draymond Green, Jaylene Brown, Aaron Gordon, Boris Diaw, to name a few.”

One of the youngest players currently expected to be recruited, not yet 19, Sushan has grown several inches in the past few years, which has allowed him to see some minutes as a modern-day Diao-style small-ball center with a peripheral skill and give him the upside to capitalize on as his career progresses. .

“I look forward to showing the NBA teams how mature my game is for my age and how quickly I learn and adapt to new places,” Suchan said. “Also the consistency of my shots and how I can contribute to the attacking end.”

The NBA draft will take place May 16-22 in Chicago, and the draft will be June 23 in New York City.

Jonathan Jevoni is an NBA draft expert and founder and co-owner of, a proprietary exploratory and analytics service used by NBA, NCAA, and international teams.