Jordan Paul from the Warriors is amazingly not the most advanced player

Less than 24 hours after Jordan Paul showed the NBA world how good he is, he was snubbed for a prize many thought he should win.

The National Basketball Association announced the finalists for its six major awards on Sunday, and Paul was not among the MVP winners.

Instead, three other young guards – Darius Garland, Ja Morant and Dejaunt Murray – were selected as the finalists for the award.

Included in the starting lineup for the start of the 2021-22 season as Klay Thompson worked his way back from a 31-month absence, Paul developed into an invaluable member of the rotation.

After averaging 12.0 points in 51 games last season, Paul pushed that average to 18.5 this season, filling the void until Thompson returned on January 9. When Steve Curry suffered a crooked left foot on March 16, Paul was back in the starting line-up and stepped up in an even bigger way.

From March 16 through the end of the Warriors season on April 10, Paul averaged 26.0 points in 13 games. He shot 42.7 percent from the field and 38.2 percent from behind the 3-point streak during that period.

In his first NBA playoff, Paul scored a game-high 30 points to lead the Warriors past the Denver Nuggets in the first game of the first round Saturday night. Even with Thompson playing well and Curry back in the squad after a month-long absence, the 22-year-old keeper stole the show.

Poole did against the Nuggets so well that the Warriors will likely make the very difficult decision to bring him back to Unit Two when Curry is ready to return to the starting lineup.

Poole has had a lot of Best Enhanced Player endorsements, some inside the Warriors Building and some outside.

“The award is called ‘Most Improvement’, not whoever had the best year, that’s actually the MVP award,” Draymond Green told reporters in early April. “A lot of times we get confused… There is no disrespect for Ja Morant, but Ja Morant is the MVP candidate. Ja Morant is not the ‘Most Improved Player’ candidate. Ja Morant has been fantastic this past year.

“When you look around, the most improvement has been Jordan Paul, and that goes without saying. You go through the list, you show me what these people did last year and the year before that, and you show me what Jordan did last year and the year before, it’s the most improved.” If we are going to what is the title of the award, and what is the name of the award, it easily means Jordan.”

For what it’s worth, Morant doesn’t think he has to be one of the better players, though he’s approved of fellow Memphis Grizzlies, Desmond Bane instead.

Former Kings goalkeeper Therese Halliburton tweeted that he wasn’t sure who should win Defensive Player of the Year or Rookie of the Year, but this Paul got his vote for Best Improved Player.

Disdain though, there could be a benefit that Paul didn’t make the MIP finals.

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Curry, Thompson, and Green used the people they underestimated as motivation to get better and prove everyone wrong.

Paul’s confidence and work ethic are well known. Now he has something else that can motivate him to get better. If he uses this the right way, at the rate he’s getting better, he could be in the MVP conversation at this time for the next few years.

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