Marlins to acquire Tanner Scott, Cole Sulser from Orioles

The Marlins gained the left hand Tanner Scott And the right hand Cole Solser from the Orioles.’s Mark Finsand reported (Twitter linksScott included in the deal, while Craig Misch of The Miami Herald mentioned That Sulser has also been dealt with. Feinsand states that Orioles will have prospects Antonio Velez And the Kevin Guerreroa player to be named later, is the Marlins’ selection in the Competitive Balance Round B of this summer’s Amateur Draft.

The Bullpen was once known to be a target area for Miami, and the fish have now bolstered their comforting core with a pair of experienced arms. At Sulser, the Marlins also found a new closer candidate, as Sulser saved eight games for Baltimore last season. While Marlins is not expected to have a full time closer, there is a place available for the ninth inning, such as Dylan Floro The season is expected to start on the injured list.

Sulser is a late star who didn’t make his MLB debut until he was 29, so he’s still in control during the 2025 season even though he recently celebrated his 32nd birthday. Injuries played a role in Sulser’s late start, as he underwent two surgeries from Tommy John (one in college, one in 2015 when he was working on the Cleveland farm system). He finally appeared on the majors with the Rays in 2019, then came to Baltimore in a claim to waive at the end of the 2019 season.

After posting 5.56 ERAs over 22 2/3 innings in 2020, Sulser broke out by 2.70 ERAs over 63 1/3 innings relief in Baltimore last season. Although his 8.9% strike rate is only rated in the 40th percentile of all shooters (according to Statcast), Sulser’s 28.4% strike rate was well above average, fitting the high hit total he posted during his career in secondary league.

Scott also didn’t have much trouble losing bats, but Southpaw’s control issues led to some inconsistent numbers in over 156 major league runs. Scott has had a tough 13.6% walk rate during his MLB career, which is a big reason why he only posted 4.73 ERAs with the Orioles despite his 50.1% stroke rate and 29.4% strike rate.

Between those numbers, Scott’s fastball game in the mid-’90s, and his remaining three years of refereeing (Scott is set to earn $1.05 million this season after avoiding arbitrating with the O’s), it’s easy to see why Scott has had his share of the trade hype. over the years. Additionally, the Sulser name also appeared in trade rumors earlier this year, as rebuilding Orioles continues to work on nearly everyone on the roster.

In fact, the Marlins themselves have swung another notable bull trade deal with the return of the O in August 2020, Richard Blair. Will now join Sulser and Bleier Anthony Bass And the Anthony Bender as Miami’s top fend off candidates, with Floro joining the mix when he returns to play. It is very likely that more names will emerge as prospects closer to manager Don Mattingly, or that one of these loyalists might put in a good enough showing to establish himself solidly as the best choice for the ninth inning.

From a Baltimore perspective, the choice of the CBR-B draft may be the largest consequence of commercial return. Competitive equilibrium rounds are two separate draft rounds that take place consecutively after round one and round two of the draft, with 15 teams (all within the bottom 10 of market or revenue volume) receiving a selection bonus in one of the two rounds. For the 2022 draft, Marlins was selected in the CBR-B and was the first pick for that round. As it happens, Baltimore will now pick first in both competitive balance rounds, as the O’s also has the first pick from the CBR-A. Competitive Balance picks are the only draft picks allowed to trade.

American baseball ranked Guerrero at number 29 and Velez at number 34 in the latest Marlins Top 40 list. Guerrero is a 17-year-old outsider who was part of the 2020-21 international signing class, achieving .260/.373/.298 in 159 PA this past summer with the Marlins in the Dominican Summer League. The survey report from BA describes it as something of a work in progress, as “his future will depend on the way his body develops,” given that Guerrero is already 6’3″ but only 165 pounds.

Phillies is a Miami native and has not been drafted out of Florida, due to the abbreviated nature of the 2020 draft. American baseball has credited Phillies as the best change and best control of any pitcher in the Marlins ranch system, which is no small feat considering all the young arms High-ranking in the ranks of the Miami High School. In addition to this change in quality, the “90s Phillies Low Speed ​​Ball” is amplified by the vertical cutout that limits on a double plus.

As the Orioles continue to bolster their ranks in the minor league, the Brands today represent another move that is depleting the MLB roster. Sulser was initially set to be closer to Baltimore, and since Scott was also in the mix for savings opportunities, it is now an open question as to who will end up getting the ninth-round assignments. Paul FryAnd the Jorge LopezAnd the Dillon Tate Look like the following guys in the depth chart, although any number of shooters can be rotated depending on performance, changing roles, injuries and possibly more deals.