MetTel launches mobile as a service for its distributed workforce

MDaaS uses AI-powered automation to ensure a smooth and fast ordering experience, MetTel says.

Press Release – Channel Partners Conference & Exhibition, Las Vegas, April 11 – MetTel (Plexiglass Conference Room 13), the nationwide digital transformation and mobile communications provider, today announced the launch of Mobile Device as a Service (MDaaS), which pairs MetTel’s flagship wireless service with a fully managed device offering that spans the entire security lifecycle. Organizations are moving, from device deployment to return and eventually to recycling, enhancing the experience of their mobile suite of mobile services to organizations nationwide.

In today’s distributed work environment, mobility plays an essential role in helping many companies maintain daily operations with full mobile network access to all applications and services no matter where employees work. At the same time, managing hundreds, if not thousands, of devices for businesses presents complex operational challenges that often require special expertise as IT balances multiple types of devices, plans, and carriers. MetTel’s MDaaS solution solves all of these challenges, and will be demonstrated at Channel Partners Conference and Exhibition 2022 (April 11-14, 2022). MetTel will display the MDaaS solution in its meeting room (MR13).

“Enterprise mobility no longer means just a device and a plan. It has evolved into a full suite of services that support organizational needs, from selecting the right network, to setting up and customizing the device to ensuring new hires have a great experience from day one.” “We designed Mobile Device as a Service to free organizations from the burden of device and plan management, while lowering mobility costs, increasing employee happiness and increasing organizational efficiency, including supporting ESG corporate goals.”

MDaaS uses AI-powered automation to ensure a smooth and fast ordering experience. Once a customer places an order, MetTel takes care of the rest: pull inventory instantly from its smart warehouse, provide same-day automated network activation and configuration, and set up, equip and ship the device directly to the end user. Once an employee receives and activates the device, it is provisioned via the cloud in minutes and secured through mobile device management (MDM) and secure client applications as part of a MetTel “Two-Minute Training”. When device accidents happen – as they inevitably do – MetTel uses the same automated service to charge users’ replacement devices overnight.

The main components of the MetTel Mobile as a Service device include:

  • Cross-carrier access and aggregation, including partnerships with top wireless carriers in the US and Canada
  • Access to MetTel award-winning 24/7/365 customer support
  • Access to the MetTel award-winning customer portal with access to the API
  • 98% automated service from order to delivery, powered by artificial intelligence
  • Staging and compositing device with MDM support
  • Accessories and device protection included
  • Recycle the device safely

The MetTel Mobile Device is currently available as a service through partners and directly from MetTel. More information can be found by visiting

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