MIT OpenCourseWare launches NextGen platform | MIT news

After serving millions of learners around the world over the past 20 years, MIT launched OpenCourseWare (OCW) its next-generation platform to allow for the flexible growth, experimentation, and evolution of open learning. Massachusetts Institute of Technology “NextGen OCW“A new and improved experience for learners, more support for educators, additional opportunities for open educational collaboration, and a greater ability to share stronger content from MIT in the coming years.

OCW is now optimized for use on mobile devices, opening up new educational opportunities for the growing global population that depends on phones to access the Internet. Smartphone use is increasing at a rate of 7 percent annually, with 92.6 percent of Internet users browsing mobile devices at least some of the time. This update not only serves current learners, but also offers a purposeful approach to finding and interacting with future learners. Using OCW via mobile devices provides an opportunity to build greater equity for learners from under-resourced regions in the United States and throughout the Southern World.

says Sanjay Sarma, vice president of open education at MIT. “The Next Generation of OCW addresses the current global moment and is at the same time a reflection of MIT’s enduring commitment to openly sharing knowledge and teaching methods.”

A streamlined content discovery experience, centered around an enhanced search function, opens new paths in OCW’s comprehensive suite of courses and ensures that users can discover the material that best meets their needs. The scope and quality of content on OCW will continue to grow: The much-improved suite of technology and simplified content production methods will enable MIT faculty to update their OCW materials more smoothly, efficiently, and frequently, and more MIT student-generated content will highlight Their voices are inspiring and acting in the learning process.

To date, OCW has been a resource for over 300 million unique users, with over 1.6 million website visits and 5 million video views each month. OCW currently offers materials from more than 2,570 courses covering graduate and undergraduate curricula at MIT, from 1,735 MIT faculty and lecturers from 33 academic units across all five schools, including curricula, lecture notes, and collections Problems, assignments, audiovisual content including recorded lectures, and insights from the millions of teachers around the world who use this material.

Since its inception in 2001, OCW has helped usher in the growing open education movement. Charles Feist, then-president of MIT, called OpenCourseWare “consistent with what I believe is the best at MIT… It expresses our belief in the way education can be advanced – by constantly expanding access to information and inspiring others to participate.” Over the years, this inspiration for engagement has grown into a global movement to improve education equality and inclusion. And around the world, more educators and learners are adapting and re-integrating open educational resources such as OCW, creating learning experiences that are culturally relevant and tuned to the needs of their communities.

“As OpenCourseWare begins its third decade, we are delighted to see MIT Open Learning and the OCW team launch this new generation of the platform, demonstrating a renewed commitment by faculty and trainers across the institute to share the latest vital reflection on MIT teaching Professor Krishna Rajagopal, Chair of the Advisory Committee, said. To OCW Faculty Members: “It is humbling and motivating to see material first seen in our classrooms helping millions of teachers and opening learning to untold millions of learners.”