Mobile by Peak Design Product Brief Report: Best Mounting System for Samsung, Google and Appleهواتف

Finding and buying a smartphone is easy compared to figuring out which accessories are best for you. There are many case options and other accessories that help you create the ultimate smartphone experience. In late 2020, we spent some time with several early experimental products from Peak Design.

These products worked well with the Apple iPhone 11 Pro and were launched as a Kickstarter campaign. Peak Design now has a full line of accessories and accessories for Apple (iPhone 11, 12 and 13), Samsung (S21 and S22) and Google (Pixel 6 and 6 Pro) phones in the Mobile by Peak Design collection. We used seven items from the Mobile by Peak Design collection with the iPhone 13 Pro Max and even after testing other mobile products, we keep coming back to the Peak Design offerings. Now it’s time to look for more accessories knowing that the accessories will work with future phones as well.

status every day

Establishing Mobile by Peak Design

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Matthew Miller / ZDNet

The Everyday Bag is the first thing you need to buy in order to build your Peak Design mobile phone system. It is available for the latest iPhone, Samsung and Google Pixel 6/6 Pro devices. You can buy it for $39.95 with one option with a ring for another $10, $49.95.

Even if you don’t buy any other accessories from Mobile by Peak Design, the Everyday bag itself is a great case option. It’s made from 100% recycled material with a weatherproof and light-resistant nylon fabric shell. Offers six feet of drop protection with a slim 2.4mm profile.

The case is compatible with MagSafe while also containing the integrated SlimLink communication system centered on the back of the case. It connects to various accessories with both the magnet and the mechanical SlimLink. The SlimLink system is designed so that the attached accessory opens into the slot in the case to securely hold the accessory in place. The button system on the accessory is used to release the accessory from the back of the Everyday Bag.

The raised buttons and cutouts are fully attached and cut into the case. The rear camera array is protected by a raised polycarbonate area.

stand up wallet

Best wallet accessories for your phone

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Matthew Miller / ZDNet

Peak Design Stand Wallet is the best mobile wallet solution I have ever tested. It’s available for $59.95 in one color. While it works best with the Everyday Case, it also works with compatible MagSafe cases.

This accessory also uses the magnetic system to attach to the back of the Everyday Bag. The wallet is only 6mm thick when empty and can hold up to seven cards or some cash. It uses a drag tab system to move the cards up and reach them.

Like other Peak Design products, it’s made from a 100% weatherproof, recycled nylon canvas material. The metal part and metal hinge of the wallet supports viewing your phone in portrait and landscape orientation. With Apple Pay on my iPhone, Stand Wallet holds all the cards I need and lets me leave my big wallet behind.

car mount

Install and charge your phone in your car

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Matthew Miller / ZDNet

The Car Mount is a simple, but functional, secure mount and charging base accessory for your phone, available for $79.95. You can also buy a model without charging for $44.95, which is the model we tested with the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The Car Mount also works with MagSafe compatible pouches, but I’ve found that the Peak Design Everyday pouch provides a stronger connection to the mount and is better for driving on uneven surfaces. The car mount uses magnets to keep your phone in place, not the SlimLink connection. This design feature makes it easy to attach and remove your phone quickly and easily with one hand.

Aluminum is used to build the car mount with a ball joint design at the back so that you can mount your phone in landscape or portrait orientation. 3M adhesive is used to secure the car mount to your dashboard so you can install it where it doesn’t affect your vision.

wall mount

Put your phone on a flat surface

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Matthew Miller / ZDNet

The Wall Mount is one of the most essential Mobile accessories by Peak Design. With this accessory, you can simply and securely place your phone on any flat surface, wall, mirror or tile. It’s available in charcoal or white for $24.95.

The Everyday Case’s magnetic connection system holds your phone in portrait or landscape orientation on a flat surface. Typical nylon canvas material found in Peak Design products is wrapped around the stand’s magnetic base.

3M E series adhesive is used to attach the wall mount to the surface. The wall mount is suitable for mounting your phone in the garage, on a mirror, in your kitchen, and on other surfaces that your phone needs to use regularly.

Mobile build kit

Best addon for creators

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Matthew Miller / ZDNet

Years ago, I tried the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip that provides a very secure clip solution for your traditional camera. Mobile Creator Clip builds on it with a clip that provides an adapter for GoPro, ARCA tripods, 1/4″-20 mounts, and a Capture Camera Clip. It’s a versatile solution for creators to connect their smartphones to other devices.

The secure SlimLink system is used to hold the phone in place with a single button release option. Aluminum and polycarbonate materials are used to build the Creator Clip.

GoPro mounts are fairly universal, and with this solution, you can mount your phone as if it were a GoPro. Capture Camera Clip helps you clip the phone to your body so you can use it as a body camera while participating in an activity. The $49.95 accessory is clearly designed for those looking to use their phone as their favorite recording device.

Mount Bar Universal

Mount to your bike, scooter, golf cart, baby cart and more

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Matthew Miller / ZDNet

If you need to mount your bike to a handlebar, tube, or other cylindrical object, the Universal Bar Mount is a sturdy solution available for $49.95. You can quickly and easily connect it to a bike, scooter, stroller, golf cart, baby buggy, or any other round gear.

With the push of a button, the secure SlimLink system is used to release the phone from the Universal Bar Mount. Due to the SlimLink system, a Peak Design Case is required to use the Universal Bar Mount accessory.

A thick, durable silicone strap with slots wraps its length around the handlebar tube and then secures to a keeper hook with a ferrule tip that stows neatly for optimum security. The Universal Bar Mount is ideal for those who swap bikes, rent bikes, or want a clip that can’t be stolen.

It is designed for straps from 22 to 35 mm in diameter and can mount your phone in landscape or portrait orientation. 32 swivel positions are available in the mounting head.

front bike mount

Secure your phone on your bike in all driving conditions

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Matthew Miller / ZDNet

If you are looking for the perfect way to secure your phone to your bike, the Out Front Bike Mount is the right choice for you. It’s $69.95 and requires a Peak Design Case with SlimLink system for use with your bike.

The retail package includes sizing handlebar collars in diameters of 22.2, 25.4 and 31.8 mm. The mount attaches to the handlebars with a hex bolt or thumb screw (both included). Anodized aluminum is used to construct the exterior front bike rack which is weatherproof and lightweight.

If you are interested in using your phone as a bike computer, this is a great solution. You can also easily rotate the mount so that you can shoot time-lapse videos or standard videos while on the ride. There is also a GoPro accessory as part of the kit so you can attach a bike light or action cam to record video while using your phone as a bike computer.

What makes Mobile by Peak Design products so attractive?

Apple’s MagSafe is an iPhone standard with cases, wallets, and some mounting solutions. While these are solid options for the iPhone, these products do not work with Samsung or Google smartphones. With Mobile by Peak Design tripods and accessories, you can buy them, and if you switch phones in the future, the accessories will still work for you.

MagSafe is also useful for many installation options, but the unique SlimLink locking system is more secure than MagSafe. This is important for mounts you use on your bike or other photographic equipment. You can also use Peak Design Bags with MagSafe gear as well.

What is the most used Mobile by Peak Design accessory?

The holster is my most used accessory, and even when I was testing other Apple MagSafe cases, I slapped the Stand Wallet on the back. It holds all the cards I need (up to seven), has a great card removal system, includes strong magnets so I can trust it won’t fall out and is perfect for enjoying movie content on the go or flying on a plane.

With recent family gatherings, I’ve also discovered that Stand Wallet makes a good tripod to help me take family photos that include me.

Are there other products you haven’t tested?

Yes, I am not a motorcycle rider, so I have not tested a motorcycle bar mount or motorcycle stem mount. While they are similar to motorcycle mounts and use the SlimLock system, they are designed for motorcycle stems and handlebars. They also have vibration isolators to help prevent damage to phone components due to the high speeds and road conditions a motorcycle is exposed to.

Nor did we test the mobile phone holder, slim wallet, or wireless charging stand. We tried a prototype of the mobile tripod, but enough changes were made that it no longer fits in a retail bag. The Slim Wallet is very similar to the Stand Wallet but does not have the hinged piece of metal, so it does not act as a stand for your phone. The Wireless Charging Stand looks a stylish solution with the stand that folds flat and can also be used for viewing media or calls while your phone is charging.