More deals to come, Roberts Joy, Spring Seiya, and other Cubs bullets

I’m still really enjoying the moment yesterday where we saw Ethan Roberts and found out he made the big league team. You don’t get a lot of opportunities for that level of unquestionable joy – everyone can be on board – so I’m wearing it a little longer.

• It’s also great to know that Roberts will be joining one of his heroes, Marcus Strowman, on his first major league team:

• Is the latest wave of pre-season deals happening? Tigers and Rays got together for a business deal at Austin Meadows last night, and Johnny Cwito finally signed (with the White Sox) in the early hours (it’s a minor league deal) You will pay him $4.2 million pro rata if and when in majors). I now expect a number of DFA/assignment/secondary trade bits to fade away as the rollout of the listings has been completed over the past few days. This segment could run until the end of this week, and Bruce Levine advises that the Cubs can be active:

• The Cubs should be active in this period, as a lot of top players are being sent off by teams trying to sneak them up through concessions at a time when most teams don’t have the flexibility to create space. Cubs, with their long-running eyes and a greater ability to absorb leaflets, have a lot of this flexibility. It’s not ideal to try to squeeze someone new into the roster completely as the season begins, but players are only available when they are available. And the sometimes You find yourself a surprisingly strong multi-year player (that’s when and how the Cubs got Luis Valbuena, for example).

• Seiya Suzuki finishes first spring training in MLB to earn a solid .235/ .350/ .588. I mention it not because it matters or proves its ability – it isn’t – but rather in case anyone panics after a couple of (fake) games. None of that means much of anything. We should see what it looks like on a larger sample against a consistent big league show trying to win matches, promote an exploratory report, and improve matches. I’m still anticipating some transitional struggles. I think it would be a win if April and May had flashes of success, and some key data points are heading in the right direction.

• Meanwhile, this guy will be very interesting:


• I wonder if that’s about Beltran – you can see how the Yankees want to wait and make a scene of him – or if he’s just wrong.

• another one:

• This year’s AL Rookie is going to be crazy. I don’t remember the last time there were multiple leads who debuted (or debuted) at the same time in the same league. We already know about Lou, Spencer Turkelson, Bobby Waite, and Julio Rodriguez, as well as Adley Rochman and Riley Greene, when they’re healthy. Shin Baz still qualifies as a rookie. Grayson Rodriguez could make his debut if O’s wasn’t just squeezing him. Gabriel Moreno is the plausible debut for the Blue Jays. This group includes Literally Top seven odds in the MLB Pipeline’s Top 100 Players. It would be so anyway thanks to the players’ timelines, but you have to think the new CBA rules about service time (eg a player can arrive on the first day you can choose a draft if they get prize votes; the player who reaches certain criteria in the end of the year gets a full year of service time regardless of when he was promoted) had an effect on timing. Again, I was probably quicker to judge that.

More from the Ricketts family about their bid to buy Chelsea FC – This interview, which appears to be with Tom Ricketts, although not explicitly named(?), is heavy on plans to renovate the stadium where Chelsea plays, so there’s a lot of Wrigley Field talk:

• I have no idea how this process will play out for the Ricketts family after the backlash to the racist and Islamophobic emails leaked from Joe Ricketts since 2019, or how much it will affect their chances of winning among the four finalists final. Briefly addressed, hence all the rhetoric I’ve seen since is more about whether the Ricketts are going to spend appropriately to support the team (although Ricketts won’t be the dominant owner in their group, so I’m not sure how much of that will come to them Already). Anyway, I’ll continue to follow this story because, on some level, there will likely be an impact on the Cubs – maybe positive, maybe negative, maybe neutral – if the Ricketts win this bid.

• Iowa Cubs baseball starts today – like, pretty soon, since it’s 1st field at center noon! – which is an anomaly scheduling associated with closing. Remember, if Brennen Davis has a tough first game, it’s not a big deal; But if he bumps into a couple of his teammates, he’s definitely ready for promotion and gets suspended for no reason.

• I missed sharing this yesterday, but it was a fine moment. And look at the crowd at Cincy going after that ball:

• Amazon has extended today’s deal on Apple Watches to today (among other things), so please let you know if you’ve missed it. #ad