Mythforce is a cartoon roguelite, surprisingly tough RPG veteran

Mythforce, a new roguelite loosely designed after the 80’s fantasy animation, looks like the setting of a joke. Stop me if you hear this: a knight, a rogue, a wizard, and a guard walking into a dungeon. Then they all die because they run out of stamina.

There are two video games at odds within Mythforce: one a breezy and efficient dungeon crawler where you kill dozens of enemies while chatting with your co-op crew, and the other a slow-paced, intentional combat game that requires precise sword flips and evasions. To survive for more than a few minutes. I agree with either approach, but the first seems more in line with Mythforce’s cartoonish tone and its manly multiplayer structure. Perhaps it would be too difficult for a misguided step in front of a blazing statue to burn half my health when healing potions seem to be the rarest commodity in this fantasy world.