NFL Draft 2022: Chiefs go defense first in Mel Kiper’s new two-round form on ESPN

On Wednesday, ESPN Project Analyst Mel Keeper produced a two-round mock draft. The 64 picks include four backhanders and dozens of wide receivers – along with four edge shooters taken with the first seven selections. There’s also commerce—although it doesn’t include the Kansas City chiefs. Instead, Kiper believes the presidents will stand a portion of the 29th and 30th selections.

29. Kansas City Chiefs: CB Andrew Booth Jr., Clemson

The loss to Cornerback Charvarius Ward’s free agency should not go unnoticed. He has developed into a really strong player. Kansas City’s defense has improved as the 2021 season drags on, but it should go deeper into the high school. Booth is a smooth 6-foot corner kick with good ball skills, and they’ve played both outside and in the hole in college.

30. Kansas City Chiefs: D. George Karlavtis, Purdue

No wide receiver? Let me explain. First, the chiefs also have two second- and third-round picks. They can take one (or two) wide receivers with these selections. This is a deep category, and you could find better value there. And secondly, the defensive end is a necessity as well. If Karlavtis was on the board, it would be a perfect ending alongside Chris Jones, who is doing his best work on the inside. Karlavtis didn’t always come home last season (only 4.5 sacks), but he created the pressure.

True to his word, Kiper then asked the chiefs to take two receivers in the second round.

50. Kansas City Chiefs: WR Skyy Moore, Western Michigan

Happy now, Chefs fans? Here’s a 5-foot-10 wide receiver that would just look like Little Similar to Terek Hill. She described Moore as the most underrated player in this class. I love what he does after getting caught – he forced 30 missed attempts last season, which ranked him second on FBS among recipients – and he hasn’t dropped passes. He has a big hand. He won’t be a direct replacement for Hill, but he will contribute as a novice.

62. Kansas City Chiefs: WR Jalen Tolbert, WR, South Alabama

How about one more wide heads? Tolbert has collected 2,559 yards over the past two seasons. At 6 feet 1, 194 pounds, he has the ability to run every road, and coach Andy Reed can plan his opening around the formation. This allows Kansas City to try to replace Tyreek Hill with two widescreens (as I gave him Skyy Moore earlier in the tour), both of which will need some time to adjust to the NFL.


The last time we heard from Kiper on March 22nd – in a simulation that was posted before the trade news broke in Tyreek Hill – he also had bosses take Karlavtis with the 30th pick. His mock draft three weeks earlier had sent Minnesota’s reckless Boy Mafie to Kansas City — and in January, the San Diego State Chiefs picked defensive end Cameron Thomas at 30.

So unlike many other analysts, Kiper has long been on board with the clear majority of Chiefs fans wanting first-round passes. So, here he stays in that corner – and uses the other first-round option for a defensive back. Then in the second round, he dives into the deep layer – not once, but twice.

It’s certainly possible to argue with the exact players Kipper picked – but given the needs of the chiefs (and the relative depth of those positions in this draft), it’s a pretty smart pick.

National Phantom Draft Choices

POS Noun the school PCt
s Duxton Hill Michigan 14%
edge boy mafi Minnesota 10%
edge George Karlavtis Bordeaux 10%
WR Jahan Dotson Pennsylvania state 8%
CB Cair Elam Florida 7%
WR Jameson Williams Alabama 7%
DT Devonty White Georgia 5%
CB Keller Gordon Washington 4%
CB Andrew Booth Jr. Clemson 4%
edge Arnold Ipeketty Pennsylvania state 4%
s Galen Peter Baylor 2%
WR Trillon pyrex Arkansas 2%
WR George Pickens Georgia 2%
WR Christian Watson Dakota 2%
WR Chris Olaf Ohio State 2%
CB Roger McCreary Auburn 1%
WR Drake London USC 1%
WR Garrett Wilson Ohio State 1%
WR Sky More W Michigan 1%
from Cameron Thomas San Diego State 1%
edge Jermaine Johnson II Florida 1%
from De Marvin Lil Texas A&M 1%
edge David Ogabo Michigan 1%
DT Jordan Davis Georgia 1%
DT Logan Hall Houston 1%
DT Travis Jones Connecticut 1%
OL Bernard Rayman Central Michigan 1%
pound Devin Lloyd Utah 1%

National mock draft positions

location PCt
defensive back 33%
wide future 29%
zigzag edge 28%
Defensive handling 8%
offensive line 1%
back 1%
tight end 0%
running back 0%


How do you feel about these four choices?