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Last month saw No Man’s Sky’s first major update of 2022, the Sentinel Update, and it’s been very exciting to see our PlayStation community enhance their combat mechanics and join the battle against these new threats and challenges in droves.

No Man's Sky's 19th update, Outlaws, releases today

Today we are excited to announce our next and nineteenth update! Launching Outlaws Update today Across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR, featuring improved smuggling, space combat, your own recruitable squadron, a new expedition and the introduction of the first new spacecraft to No Man’s Sky since The Living Ship two years ago.

Pirates have taken over space stations throughout the universe, using them as bases from which to carry out smuggling operations and attacks on nearby planets and settlements. Players have a choice: join them as Renegades and help them in their nefarious activities, or come face-to-face in a dynamic and newly balanced space battle.

Fortunately, you are not alone in this battle. Players can now recruit their own squadron of pilots, who will join and join the battle as needed. Explore the galaxy to find the perfect wingmen, or upgrade your loyal crew from their humble beginnings to an elite unit.

At the heart of the modernization is an all-new spacecraft, the new advanced sail-equipped solar class. This highly versatile new ship comes with unique technology and is most common in pirate-operated systems.

Furthermore, enthusiastic ship hunters will be able to find their perfect version without losing any of their existing ships, as the maximum number of ships has been increased from six to nine. All ships now also come with a specialized high-capacity cargo hold, perfect for holding contraband…

All this and much more awaiting the Outlaws update.

outlaw stations

Outlaw regimes are dangerous and lawless places, and their struggles are frequent. But all this presents an opportunity for players looking to raid passing spaceships.

A new series of missions leads players towards these new pockets of rebellion, and once they arrive they will find a master who specializes in rewards with new hacking missions; black market tech dealers with a bunch of shady promotions; And a chance to get illegal valuables elsewhere in the galaxy. Players interested in hacking can also obtain a fake passport that allows them to reset any damage to their reputation caused by their activities.

solar vehicle

No Man’s Sky’s first new spacecraft since the start of 2020 is a high-tech, state-of-the-art aircraft. With its unique solar powered engine and sail technology, this ship is the preferred choice for those who aspire to interstellar speed.

Although all solar ships share the sailing philosophy, there is great diversity across the class. Ship hunters can look to search the galaxy for the perfect blend to match their existing fleet.


Illicit goods purchased in outlaw systems can be smuggled into organized places, where they can be sold for a large profit. But with a smuggler’s life comes danger – the rangers are now searching for the smuggled goods, and the discovery is only a freight probe away.

Take stock

All players – not just smugglers – will benefit from having specialized merchandise inventories added to all spacecraft. These high-capacity slots can store large amounts of cargo, and storage-hungry players can unlock additional slots from the Ship Upgrade Station located in all space stations.


Players can now recruit and upgrade their personal squadron of wing pilots to aid them in ship-to-ship combat! Once a Swarm Bay is installed on your main ship, NPC ships can be recruited by talking to their pilots. Each pilot comes with their own abilities and can be upgraded over time to improve combat ability.

space battle

Space combat has been rebalanced for speed and excitement. Handling has been improved; Weapons have new visual effects; Enemy space ships have shields. Added Depth to weapon selection with a variety of specialized secondary effects, such as slowing down enemy engines or disabling shield systems.

Ship-to-ship combat can now happen within the planet’s atmosphere – watch out for pirate raids on planetary buildings, as successfully defending an outpost or settlement offers a health bonus!

Accessibility to flights has been greatly improved with the new Auto Follow mode. This option, set on the main options page, allows players to automatically align their ship with their current target. This mode preserves the player’s input on the controls but avoids any frustration in locating and locking enemy ships.

Our journey continues.